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    Have always been impressed with the concept of Dream Dinners, and of course the Owner. Since I don’t eat animal flesh, I’ve never signed up.

    However, when I saw the subject special offer over in the right hand margin of the WSB, a brain bubble went off in my head! This is purrfect for my 81 year old mom! When she doesn’t feel like making a meal, she can pull a Dream Dinner out of the freezer; cook it; and then have some left-overs for a few days. Much healthier than the commercial frozen dinners she sometimes eat!

    Looking forward to this experience! Be gentle with me Dream Dinners! This is my first time!



    Does your computer auto-correct the word “perfect” to “purrfect”, no matter what context you’re using the word? ;-)




    Yep. ;0)



    Longtime WSB sponsor. Glad to hear it. They have periodic open houses if anyone wants to drop by and see how it works before signing up. We always put them in the events calendar when we get the dates – TR



    I love Dream Dinners! I haven’t been in awhile because due to my freezer being too full but I’ve always enjoyed making the meals and cooking them and trying something new.



    Dream Dinners is a wonderful option for many households. I have enjoyed their meals for years. Great quality, options, service!! So happy to see them as a sponsor on WSB.

    I am curious, funkietoo, as a vegetarian, do you mind handling meat? For some that’s a problem; for other’s it is not. I am just curious if it played into your decision or not.



    Hi shed22.

    Good question. I have to handle meat in order to feed my cats, so I figure I should be able to do it for my mom too. ;0) The one meat I will not handle is pig meat. Just can’t do it.

    I actually will eat some animal flesh on occasion as long as the animal who gave its life to feed me was:

    1. raised humanely, with a good, free roaming life

    2. not fed blood; shot up with steroids, antibiotics, etc.

    3. is killed very quickly on site/not transported to a slaughter house.

    The industry term for this is: ‘organic, humane certified’. The animal flesh cost more because it takes longer and more resources to humanely raise the animals.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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