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    Years ago in the 60’s I remember Mom driving us on Beach Dr and passing what I think was a restaurant painted Pink (I believe) on the water side of Beach drive SW. I think it was in the shape of a lighthouse too. We never went in there but the place stuck in my mind and I have been trying to find any info on it for a while now. This is all from a little boys memory so it could be faulty, but that’s what I remember.I don’t think it was too far down along the back side of Alki, we were probably headed to Lincoln park from my Grand mothers house which is close by. Anybody remember anything even remotely like this?

    Note: I’m not a regular here, just joined. I am a frequently posting member of My Ballard though, a similar forum up north, but I thought this was the best place to post about West Seattle.



    bambooboy I remember that restauraunt. It had once been a house and reverted to a home sometime in the 80’s. I only ate there once probably between 1980 and 1985, although those dates could be a few years off either way. First place I tasted escargo.



    Okay folks, lets share with bambooboy our Quesnell’s memories!

    Not only a pink exterior, but the tablecloths and napkins were pink, too. Beach Drive and Jacobsen Road?



    Followup: Memories of West Seattle restaurateur … – West Seattle Blog…/followup-memories-of-west-seattle-rest..



    Wow, I really didn’t expect an answer so quick. It’s funny the things that stick in your mind as a kid, and we never even stopped there. We never would have, Mom had her hands full with three kids and when we went out for dinner it was Zesto’s not a nice restaurant. This was the high point of the drive for me, I always looked for it when driving past (make that riding past), and we are going back a lot of years, I was probably 10 years old at the time maybe less. I thought about this place up through the 80’s and should have gone there for dinner one night.

    Now I ride past it frequently as one of my frequent bike rides is from Ballard to Joe’s restaurant, then back home. Makes for a nice 45 mile ride. Can’t do that after work in the winter but on the weekends. I look for it everytime I would ride past the area. Now that I know the exact location I will have to see how well I was doing at placing it as when I would ride past it I was going off of 50 year old memories for the exact location. Funny the things you remember.



    Gina, were the walls pink, too? I seem to remember that. My ex worked there as a teenager…good prawns and chips, and steaks…went there once on an anniversary..but really liked going to the walk up window for fish/prawns and chips, and going over and sitting on the lawn to eat…



    Vintage Seattle has there last blog entry that covers this – very cool:

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