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    We are looking for any suggestions on either daycare centers or in-home daycare for our infant son. We live near Westwood and I work in Burien and my husband works downtown. We are looking to start either the beginning of March or mid-March.

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    We went round and round for months trying to find the PERFECT place in West Seattle. And we absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE our daycare. Its called Ages in Stages- its off Highland Drive. They provided our infant son the best care imaginable and now as he moves into the 1 year old room, our love for their staff continues.

    Highly recommend calling, and getting an in-person meeting. You’ll love it. Hopefully they’ll have space. Stacie is the owner.



    Thank you so much for the info. I will definitely give them a call.



    We use Loving Daycare, which is close to the Fauntleroy YMCA, off Barton. Renee is the owner and does a great job – they tend to keep a small group of kids (10ish) from babies to 4 or so. They’ve done an excellent job with our 2.



    I’ve tried to look up Loving Daycare and I can not find a phone number. I can only find Loving Hands Child Care 763-7047. Is this the Daycare you are speaking about??? If not could you possibly give me the phone#?



    they are 2 different daycares; I’ve often gotten the names mixed up, but I don’t know the number for Loving Daycare; I think the owner’s name is Renee; I specialize in infants, and one of my graduates went there, and loved it; someday I need to visit myself



    Loving Daycare’s phone is 937-2066.

    That being said… my child comes home from there smelling like cigarette smoke! I’m trying not to be alarmist about it, and I really don’t care if the employees want to smoke outside, away from the kids, but if its making my kid’s belongings and hair stink, it makes me worried about health ramifications. Every review of the place I find is glowing though, so I feel like I am going crazy.



    Diane, you said you specialized in infants…are you an owner of a daycare or work at a daycare???



    For wsmama12-I visited Loving Daycare based on the glowing reviews from this blog and was quite shocked people loved it so much. I totally smelled smoke the second I walked in that place which I think is totally unprofessional.



    There is another daycare near the Fauntleroy Y also owned by a woman named Renee–I think it is called Joie de Vivre. We put our son there temporarily when ours closed for a week. It was very nice and she does take infants. It was not smoky at all so it can’t be the same one. Her # was 206-718-3940. We are at Loving Hands but I do not think she has any openings.



    I have been taking my son to Loving Daycare for almost 2 years. The teachers there are exceptional. He loves it there and we have been very happy- The owner is Renee and you can reach her at 937-2206



    Not sure if I’m too late in this email thread, but I just wrote a glowing recommendation for my daycare. It’s called Learning for Life Daycare/preschool. The phone # 206-937-9310. Ana Padilla is the owner. She is fantastic and such a sweet person. You can look at my post and if you have any other questions, give me a PM.




Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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