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    So, I have figured out that I am on the wrong end of the ferry ride and want to find a nice little one-bedroom cottage or apt. in WS to call home. Ideally it would be stripped of gross carpet and would have a nice washer, dryer and dishwasher. A little garden would be swell. I would love to make a seamless transition over to join the Seal Sitters and Log Museum volunteers. I have great design sense and would honor the space, but I am poor. Suggestions?



    Hi Margaret!

    Of course, craigslist, with the added caveat to be wary of any situations of where you might call on one, and the person sez: “Well, it turns out I’m stuck here in Timbuktu on business for another 6 months….”.

    I’ve heard of the occasional scenario described above, where someone is supposedly out of the country, and they try to get money out of potential renters by advertising a property that isn’t even theirs. But, that’s probably a rarity.

    Also, another caveat on CL, from my own recent search, (and this is just a minor pet peeve), is that some landlords put all kinds of keywords in their ads, that can result in locations, number of bedrooms, rent upper and lower limits, and other search criteria, other than which you entered coming up, for example in my recent search for an apartment, when I’d enter “West Seattle” (in quotes), I’d get the occasional ad for available rentals in Port Orchard.

    Also, another suggestion that I and others have posted here before; drive around, if you can, and look for “For Rent” signs.

    I think this would have an added benefit in your case, as you’d get a quick visual, to see if cottages, or duplexes and such, have a small yard area, where a landlord may let you have the small garden you’re hoping to have.

    Hope this helps, and good luck, and (potentially) welcome to West Seattle!




    If you havne’t done so already, you can also try



    We found ours on Craigslist, and there are a few right now listed if you search for “cottage West Seattle”. I also agree with Mike about driving around and looking at signs, so you can rule out things that are not what you’re interested in a lot quicker.



    Saw a sign out in front of a tiny cottage on 61st Avenue SW (Between Hinds and Admiral). Also saw a sign at the corner of Beach Drive and Douglas Place.



    Margaret, just saw this on craigslist. Sounds like it may be just about what you are looking for:


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