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    I am interested in feedback/thoughts on Hope Lutheran school. I am really impressed with it, but since I am just getting ready to send my first to kindergarten in the fall I’d like others opinions as well. Thanks in advance.



    both kids went there a number of years ago they loved it


    Genesee Hill

    It is a Lutheran school. Don’t be surprised if/when your kids see the fallacy of religion when they start thinking for themselves. Usually, around eighteen, or so, years old.



    Hi Melissa,

    Most of our friends send their kids to Hope. Good, small school. We ended up choosing Holy Rosary purely because of academics. I will say the new principal at Hope is overhauling the curriculum and it looks very promising. If we weren’t moving from WS, we would definitely be considering a move to Hope.

    Good luck with your search!



    I am quite a few years removed, but my 2 siblings and I all went to Hope Lutheran for grades K-8, and then up the street to Seattle Lutheran for high school. And we loved it! Made the best of friends there that we are all still friends with. I have a number of friends who now have their children at Hope and they all really love the new principal. She does sound very dynamic and great. If my husband and I were still in the area we would for sure send our kids there without question. I hope this helps you out a bit!



    Both my children go to Hope. We absolutely love it. I’d be happy to chat more about it and answer your specific questions. You can contact me at lorihorocks@hotmal.com. They also have an open house next week on the 15th.



    Thanks so much for all your feedback. Lori, I am going on a tour Thursday morning and then was planning on going to Open House also. I’m definitely going to be emailing you in the coming week with questions. Thanks so much for the offer!



    My older daughter went to Hope from 4th through 8th grade and my younger daughter is currently a fourth grader at Hope. She has been there since kindergarten. There was one teacher who we had a little trouble with (she recommended medication and intensive psychotherapy for our ADHD child, which we found incredibly offensive considering she’s a teacher, not a mental health professional). Other than that, the teachers have been incredibly patient with her. We’re pretty sure she would have been kicked out of public school in her early years because she was such a distraction and just didn’t follow direction. She ended up in the principal’s office a LOT during kindergarten through second grade. Luckily she seems to have outgrown a lot of those early behaviors and is an A student. Her teachers sometimes get frustrated with her but I don’t blame them, honestly; she can be very challenging. However, it’s mostly just annoying stuff: Talking too much,interrupting, etc.(Poor impulse control but she’s learned some coping skills that have helped) She tends to make up for it with her personality and humor.:) Everyone at the school has shown her a lot of love, special attention, patience and encouragent.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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