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    Highland Park area & West Seattle has had a rash of older model Honda’s stolen recently. 1/24/13 97 Honda taken from 8100-13th SW, recovered 1/24 4100-20th SW. Car was stripped of bumpers, fenders, hood, console.Recovered with a “shaved” key in the ignition. Less than 24 hours after it was stolen. 98′ Honda stolen 1/25 same area, not recovered as yet. Pay attention to area garages/shops…someone has got to be stripping locally and leaving them on the street.



    Helpful warning, GR. My older Honda was almost stolen 2 years ago. They used a screwdriver in ignition. When they discovered the battery was dead, there appears to have been a tantrum as they then proceeded to rip the visors down, slash seats, etc. Must have been young kids as they took the time to write an obscenity to me with my lipstick on driver’s window. Thanks little miscreants. Guard your Hondas!



    Ironically there have been a number of older Subarus stolen as well, however I’m not recalling if they were also stripped of parts.

    As the owner of a newer one (’10) I’m still leary however don’t know if it’s a less desirable (to thieves) or harder to steal model. Anybody know?



    Our Acura was stolen years ago from our driveway here in WS and the only thing left when it was found 2 days later was the metal frame of the car. Everything was gone. EVERYTHING. It was quite tragic. The car was brutalized. We were lucky to have comprehensive coverage at the time, but left us pretty traumatized. I always wonder where all those parts ended up. Sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately, I don’t think the people who do this type of thing ever get caught so it continues.



    Yikes this makes me so nervous. My boyfriends Toyota Camry was stolen a few days ago and recovered after 24 hours. The guy who found the car and towed it to the impound was saying it was his second stolen Toyota this week and usually he mainly picks up about 4 stolen Hondas per week. I was joking around and said “I hope you don’t end up having to pick up my Honda anytime soon” and he said “if you have any car from the 90’s and it hasn’t been stolen yet you should consider yourself lucky”

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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