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    Looking for a good seller’s real estate agent who has experience and success in the WS area. Any suggestions of where to start?



    Scott d Monroe at Windermere in the Morgan junction. He has helped us twice on both ends and is great to work with!



    Cannot recommend Debbie Loop enough. She knows WS inside and out…she does buying and selling and our experience was excellent!



    We had a very good experience with Kay Rigley. Don’t let the fact that she is from the north end fool you. We consulted her when we purchased in West Seattle, and have referred another West Seattle seller to her since. She has done a lot of business in West Seattle.

    Kay Rigley & Associates

    Windermere R.E./NW




    I’ll second beachdrivegirl — Scott has helped me with 6 transactions both as seller and buyer and included a commercial transaction and a short plat development. He’s the ultimate professional but not pushy in any way, also has a background in building so can really assess a property well.

    And he gets the job done, usually going above and beyond and helping the other parties’ agent. The other agent in our commercial deal was so pathetic and uneducated and he practically had to walk her through the entire transaction!!! or 206-406-9388



    Roger Steiner all the way. I bought my West Seattle house from him and he lives here. roger.steiner (at)



    Here is Scott’s website.



    Shelby White at West Seattle Realty does an excellent job. He lives and works here with twenty years of experience. 935-0503 or



    I highly recommend Chuck Houston. He is West Seattle resident and works out of the Fauntleroy Windermere office, He is one of the best realtors I have ever worked with. Here is his contact info

    Chuck Houston

    Associate Broker

    Windermere Real Estate, Fauntleroy




    Don Pennell. Have known him for almost 20 years. He is an excellent listener, thus showing you homes in your price range and era preference; has high integrity and brings a sense of kind humor to his relationhips with clients.

    And Don is a big supporter of our West Seattle Community:



    Thanks for the recs – I have contacted several of them. FYI, to Furryfaces – I sent Don Pennell a note via his website 3-4 days ago and got no response. So much for first impressions…



    I’ve always found Kirsten Donovan to be excellent. She’s not pushy, knows the neighborhoods incredibly well, and takes genuine pride in providing her clients with exceptional service.

    She’s at or 206 465 4221.



    Jonathan French. Local guy. Grew up in West Seattle and knows the ins and outs.. sold our homes a few times. would’nt use anyone else. A few listed are not in WS.. go local!!




    Donald Fillius, Coldwell Banker, sold us our home in Arbour Heights in 1993 and is a long time West Seattle residence. And though we have not bought or sold a home since, Donald remains a great source of information when we have a real estate question or just need a recommendation for a reliable and honest contractor. He’s very knowledgeable about the West Seattle market and alway willing to help us, even sixteen years after he sold us our home. You can find him at



    Again, Dan Murphy and Dennis Brown:

    Professionally tops IMO; Dennis was a broker for many years and brings that expertise to the table. Dan, in addition to working as an agent, was appointed to the Wa State Real Estate Commission by the governor. They are pros. They were my agents over a decade ago, and I can’t say enough good things about them. I also like them as people.



    Bill Fazekas at Windemere

    He helped me buy a house, sell it five years later, and buy a second house; all in West Seattle. He has the utmost patience and integrity. A very good guy!



    Lisa Mundahl Greene

    TILA Real Estate

    ( in the heart of the Junction)




    Honest, Trustworthy, Available, Down-to-Earth, Hard-working, Caring, Thoughtful, Insightful, non-Pushy, Innovative, and a Builder! Those are just a few of the words to describe Scott! We heart Scott Monroe! We moved cross country (RELO), and he was there with us every step of the way. We called him while interviewing for a job in Seattle, and he was eager to take us on. Even though it might not of even turned into anything. He was patient with our wish list, and in fact found us a house that has exceeded our expectations!

    This is the sixth house we have bought, and have done several remodels, so we weren’t new to the buying process, just new to Seattle. He sat with us and gave us the positives and negatives of every property we looked at. Had has the insight to see if there are major structural issues, or a diamond in the rough… He goes the extra mile on everything – from contracting referrals, to the best restaurants in the area and even working to find you the best rates.

    We know the difference between the realtor who just wants to make a sale vs. a realtor who wants to make a life for you. Scott Monroe is the real deal. If you are in the mode for a buyers or sellers agent, in my opinion he is the best in the area.

    And no, I am not related to him!



    Mom and I have worked with Jose and Lori with John L Scott in the Westwood Village location. They work hand in hand with you laying out the pro’s and con’s of the house and properties that you are interested in seeing and or buying.



    Jim Biava/Windemere is a WS gem. He has been in real estate here is WS for 30+ yrs. He’s very low key and always on your side, whether that be selling or buying a home. He’s a great advocate for you. Has always gone out of his way to make our transaction as easy as possible for you. Just google:jim biava, you’ll see his smiling face right there.



    We also highly recommend Scott Monroe — knowledgeable, responsive and definitely not pushy but still totally on top of things. Skilled negotiator and all around easy to deal with.



    Another shout out for Scott Monroe. He helped us find our first home and we couldn’t have been happier with the experience! We interviewed several realtors and he was by far the most knowledgeable and trustworthy! He’s not out to just make his commission, he wants you in a good home that you’ll love for a fair price.



    Roy Willanger, Gatewood native and still lives there. Honest, diligent and experienced. Hard to do better.



    Scott Monroe was our listing agent, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. We interviewed several listing agents, but Scott was a standout by far! From the minute he walked through our door we felt extreme confidence in his pragmatic approach and passion for the process. Scott is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of selling a house, and led us through with a hands-on approach. From helping us determine which details to focus on in preparing our house for sale, to posting a beautiful listing that led to tons of exposure, to helping us slog through all the details including an unexpected major repair, Scott was right there for us. Throughout the whole process, we never felt alone or unguided, always had confidence that he would help us find a way and ended up with an outcome that made us truly proud and know that our buyers were pleased too! All in all, Scott is not only a terrific real estate agent, but also a terrific person, he really made an impression on us that we will not soon forget!



    I ditto Kyra’s comments. You can find about 12 more reviews for Scott on Yelp:

    LINK: (Make sure you click on the “filtered” tab to read all 12+ reviews from past clients).

    As I stated on my Yelp review, I found Scott through the positive word of mouth he generated on this site. West Seattlites praised him for being honest, knowledgeable, hard working, going above and beyond for his clients and for being picky on their behalf. Other’s also praised him for being a shrewd negotiator.

    My experience was no different. When looking at a house, Scott helped me look past the fresh coat of paint, staged furniture, and the obvious pros/cons listed on property spec reports to determine if a house was a good purchase. He was skilled at helping me see how a space might (or might not) function if I had kids, threw large parties, or took down a wall. With his background in construction, he was also able to point out foundation/structural concerns, piping issues, walls that leaned, and could spot the subtle differences that indicated whether a remodel was done by an experienced professional or novice homeowner.

    I ended up purchasing a bank owned property that needed work. Though Scott’s job technically ended once I signed the dotted line, he stayed in touch throughout the remodeling process. He helped me put together a repair budget, put me in touch with skilled tradesmen he trusted, and he regularly dropped by to help me troubleshoot issues or to make sure that the tradesmen I selected were doing a good job on my behalf.

    Scott is a wonderful Realtor and human being. He looks out for his client’s best interests and he’s very, very good at his job. I usually don’t just recommend Scott–I insist people go to him. He’s that good.

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