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    I love supporting new, local restaurants I w. Seattle. We just tried Firefly. Fresh ingredients, thoughtfully combined with vegan options that leave you feeling fully satisfied (I say this as a carnivore). Try the brie crepe or the pear vegan crepe. They were really quick too! We’ll be back.

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    Ate there today. So grateful for their opening! Outside of wishing them the best, I am going to reserve comment until I’ve been back. And I will be back!



    In case anyone missed it, they announced on their Facebook page that they ran out of food, and expect to be back open on Tuesday with more food.



    I love crepes and am really excited to try this place! I’m not gluten-free, but am curious about what a gluten-free crepe tastes like. Thanks for the update, Sue. I’ll go later this week.



    Saw on FB that they’re now actually opening Wednesday (not today) with more food and some streamlining of procedures. the anticipation is driving me crazy. :)



    finally gave it a shot.. REALLY great food, but the overhead fluorescent lights just suck any life and atmosphere out of the place.. I just wanted to get in and out.. Lighting is SOOO important to the vibe of a place.. The owners would be wise to take a visit to Cafe Fiore in Admiral Dist and see how its done. The FOOD itself is outstanding at Firefly.. just gotta get the vibe right!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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