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    “Find Toto” called this morning at 9:30 am. Did anybody else get one of these? I found it very annoying- I’m sorry your deaf, blind and really old cat wandered away from your Beach Drive home but getting a call about it in the Westwood VIllage area from an automated dialing pet finder service is ridiculous. I found this out by searching the number the call came from. I don’t answer calls I don’t recognize and mostly let the fax machine get them. Hopefully that will take me off of their list.

    If your pet goes missing, post it on craigslist, post it here and put up some flyers. Don’t call me at 9:30 on a Sunday morning.

    Edit: It was Atlas Place, not Beach Drive. The flyer has an intersection listed on it and Beach Drive stuck in my mind. Also, not deaf. My errors.



    I also got a robo call this morning about a missing blind cat. Named Ella. She went missing from “Atlas Place.” The phone number came back a mobile phone from San Francisco. Then it went through the “If you want to repeat this message, press…” series of options.

    Are these real calls? Or is this some sort of scam like the ones that want us to pick up so they’ll know someone’s home?



    We have a cat by that name listed on the WSB Pets page. That’s all I can tell you. We have in the past been solicited by paid pet-finding services to promote them and we declined – the Pets page itself has a pretty good success rate (cats are tougher than dogs, I suspect largely because of the coyote/etc. factor) and as Val points out, tried and true tactics such as flyers, walking the neighborhood, do as well. Have never heard about this “Toto” thing. Looking at their website, wow. Yet another company that wants people to pay for something that we provide for free (minus the “push” technology) – TR



    I got the same call yesterday and went to the WS Blog Pets section to see if anything was posted there. And it was. So the robo-call is legit if a little over the top.



    I got the same call yesterday too. I live on Genesee Hill.



    We got that call too. Since we live in that area my 7 yo made me walk the neighborhood looking for her. She spent an hour calling the cats name. I have mixed feelings regarding the robo-calls. I don’t look at craigslist or the blog for missing animals so it seems an effective way to put out the word but it could create a lot of phone calls if everyone used that system.



    I really don’t understand how this for-profit company not only calls itself a dot.org, but makes robocalls. In addition, their website clearly states that they do NOT place robocalls to phone numbers on the Do Not Call registry. I am on the registry, and still received the call a short time ago. There are any number of reasons I don’t want robocalls, not least of which is the fact that my own tuxedo kitty died a couple of days ago. I did not need this reminder on Christmas Eve morning.



    Correction: for some reason this company is exempt from the DNC registry. However, they DO claim to honor listings on the DMA registry. I’m on both, so they’re still violating their own rules.



    anonyme – I’m so sorry for your loss.



    Got the call on 12/21 at 9:40a. Bizarre. We’re in High Point and on the DNC registry. Hope kitty gets back home!



    Got a call 9;00am today. I would have never answered it but it my birthday today and I figured it was one of my siblings to wish me a HB. It said at the end of the call to press 1 if you don’t want a call from this person again or press 2 if never a call from this organization again. By that time I already threw the phone down in disgust so could respond…



    Just to clarify, I love animals and would do anything to keep them from harm. I just don’t think robocalls are a legitimate way to locate lost pets. Think about how many pets go missing within any neighborhood, and how many robocalls could potentially go out if lots of people sign up for this service. It could get out of hand really quickly. Heck, with the duct cleaning and lower interest rate robos, it already is.



    Got the “call” this morning. Geez, and here I Was feeling left out….



    Sorry about your loss, anonyme

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