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    This message is for anyone who has ever done any of the following:

    – cut someone off by running in the middle of the sidewalk with either a dog or a stroller.

    – parked crooked, taking up another parking spot.

    – brought your kids and a friend to a coffee shop to have “lunch”, but spent less than $5.

    – turned on your blinker and intentionally cut someone off in another lane – just because your blinker was on.

    Please know, that if you have ever done any of the above—you are not entitled. In fact, you are rude. We are all human beings and we all deserve respect. Your time is not more important than ours. Your children do not have the right to eat anywhere and disrupt everyone else. Your dogs do not have the right of way.

    Guess, what? When you bring your own food to a coffee shop, buy a $2 drip coffee and let your kids run around screaming while you gossip with a friend, SOMEONE else is paying for your heat, table, electricity and roof that’s over your head. Or, perhaps, when you’re running in the middle of the sidewalk with a dog and/or stroller and someone literally has to step off the sidewalk to make room for you, you can actually say “excuse me”. And, maybe, JUST, maybe, if you put your blinker on and paused, instead of cutting someone off, someone just might let you move ahead of them in their lane.

    Maybe people wouldn’t hold so much resentment if everyone were a little kinder. I find that ever since I have moved to West Seattle, I have had to just “deal” with these kind of people. Frankly, I don’t want to anymore. I think we can all learn a bit of compassion (even myself).

    If one person read’s this and does something nice for someone else, I’ve accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. Be mindful, it wouldn’t hurt.




    Not sure how to interpret this one. At first blush, there are far greater transgressions or acts of “rudeness” than coffee shop squatting. In defense of the legions of people you think are “rude” for the above:

    -Where are stroller runners with dogs supposed to run? On the street? I thought sidewalks were for walking and running? Personally, I always try to stop for people in my path, or jump on the grass temporarily, at least, but running on the sidewalk with a lot of stuff does not constitute “cutting people off”.

    -I am a Sh*&^y parallel parker. That’s it, doesn’t mean I am entitle or rude.

    -Coffee shops sell coffee. I have a kid. I take my kid with me to get coffee ALL THE TIME. If coffee shops don’t want me to come in and BUY COFFEE then they are doomed for failure, because my sleep loss is epic, and darn do they make thousands on me. I see absolutely nothing wrong with bringing kids food into a coffee shop when I am there to buy coffee (over and over again, mind you). One, because having grapes for my kid keeps her happy and quiet so she doesn’t bother other customers. Two, coffee shops don’t usually sell food appropriate for babies or kids. Three, LOTS of kids have massive allergies and need their own special food. Now, if someone is bringing in a full pizza from another establishment, sure, that is rude, but honestly, bringing a healthy treat to accompany my $4 latte is no crime nor does it constitute rudeness.


    See what I mean? You are the exact person I am talking about. I never said anything about people not using the sidewalk if they have kids or dogs, I never said anything about parallel parking and I never said anything about business owners NOT wanting you in a coffee shop. My post was about MY OPINIONS on what I think was rude. You may think otherwise, it was meant for awareness of folks around you, not an argument. But, since you do want to argue:

    – if you have a stroller, dog, pony, large bag, cat, parrot, etc. and you have to take up a lot of sidewalk space, say “excuse me” or “thank you” when someone moves out of your way. Its kind and makes the other person feel good. Is that too hard to ask?

    – if you park in a parking lot, leave room for someone to park next to you. Parking spots are scarce in cities, so the more, the merrier. Please tell me it has NEVER made you upset to see a perfectly good spot unused because someone hastily did not park correctly.

    – as far as bringing food to a coffee shop that sells food, it is rude. They are there to make money. I’m not budging on that one. Also, if you bring a child to a place that most people are reading, working, etc., they should have something to do so they are not running around and distracting others. Its a coffee shop, not a Chuck E. Cheese. We can all share spaces, however, we can also be mindful of others. I am not saying specifically that you’re children do that. But it has definitely happened before, I am sure I am not the only person who has seen that.

    This was not a personal attack against YOU. Just a general message with which all of my “rants” happened to me today. So, I wanted to vent.


    2 Much Whine

    LemonSeed, Have you ever lived outside the good old USA? These gripes of yours are so low on the priority list in other countries they’re not even on the list. You are certainly entitled to your rants. And you can share them with the world. That’s what makes our country great. It’s also great because I can tell you that I’d happily tell you to your face to shut your pie hole. I think in the big scheme of things the stuff that’s eating away at your soul is pretty darn petty. We all need to vent and you just did but choose your battles, sister. By the way, since we are venting, there is no apostrophe in the word “read’s”(sic) at least as you used it and “you’re” is a contraction for “you are” so chew on that for a bit.

    We can all have things that bother us but it’s not always necessary to share our opinions. Most people simply don’t care what you or I think.

    By the way, you’ve posted twice in a year and both times have been rants. Are you just a troll or what? Do you ever spread any joy?

    I’d gladly have a cup of coffee with kgdlg any day – you, not so much.

    If you’re just having a bad day and needed to vent, please just ignore my post and go back to whatever it is you do. But if it’s more than that therapy is always an option that has helped many others deal with their issues.

    By the way, have you ever stopped to wonder if the person that parked crooked and ruined your day may have been forced to park crooked because a shopping cart or something was in their way when they parked? Or maybe they were handicapped and needed the extra space to get out of the car because all the handicapped spots were taken. Things are not always what they seem. Lighten up, Francis.



    Lemon, your post was not titled a rant.

    2 Much Whine, let’s have coffee sometime! I will run there with my kid in a stroller, on the sidewalk with my dog, also ON THE SIDEWALK. I will make sure I bring my own snacks while I purchase one of the thousands of lattes I have bought at the coffee shop we pick, because that is what they sell, coffee, not baby food.

    Maybe we can talk about all the positive stuff we are doing to make change in the world.

    Me, fighting to end homelessness by building families permanent affordable housing.I am going to keep on worrying about all those folks dying in the streets tonight instead of where my stroller is on the sidewalk when I take a run (and kindly say excuse me to my fellow Seattlelites as I go by).


    It is reasonable to want to live in a community where manners and courtesy are common. Some people in West Seattle are lacking these civilized traits. Many apparently are ignorant of the laws and/or common sense. I am talking about the recent stories on the main page and on the forum.

    *** Adding this edit before someone thinks I am talking about them .. Nothing I said is in direct response to the above comments!



    I’ve only done the parking crooked one and that is because I am a horrible parker. Sorry.


    I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize I was chatting with two spelling bee champion Saints who feed the homeless and raise perfect children.

    My apologies. I hope I didn’t ruin your day. I suppose I will “troll” and write my improperly punctuated comments else where.

    Have a great day!



    in my experience..

    the people who complain most about the rudeness of others are so concerned with what you are doing that annoys them that they can’t see what they do that annoys you

    a good faith effort is all any of us should ask from others..

    and that included assuming a good faith effort was made..



    I think a lot of people need to step back, take a deep breath, and figure out what battles are worth fighting. There are rude people everywhere. West Seattle doesn’t have a corner on them. There are days when I want to wave a magic wand and make everyone disappear. So what? I take a deep breath and get over it.

    Happy Day, everyone :)



    So…would it have better received by everyone if the OP had posted on the pet peeve thread instead then? Is it the tone you guys don’t like? Because I have to agree that the specific annoyances mentioned initially are in fact incredibly annoying. My biggest pet peeve in life is other people’s lack of awareness…lack of awareness that their actions do in fact affect others. I think all of these things happened to the OP today and ranting here is a way to get it off their chest…like pretty much everyone else does here at some point. Kinda like you did in the pet peeve thread, 2MuchWhine, right? I didn’t take it to mean strollers and dogs should be banned from sidewalks or that children and grapes be banned from coffee shops. The annoyance was the lack of common courtesy…people who plow down the middle and don’t give a thank you or a nod to the person who moved over, or let them in. Is that not important to people anymore? I’ve actually been shoulder checked by walkers two abreast…complete disregard for others…only to have them turn around, completely confused at how we possibly could have bumped into each other. I am also a nanny 45 hours a week, so I totally sympathize with how hard it can be at times to do normal, daily, public things with small children…like going for coffee. But you better believe, no child of mine, or that I am in charge of, is going to be running around annoying other customers. That’s when its time to leave and its also a great teaching moment for the child. Sure, some people are WAY too sensitive and annoyed by normal kids (I know a few), but when I’m sitting somewhere, distracted and more concerned with a random child’s behavior and or safety then their parent/caregiver, I think we should all consider that a problem. The child sitting and eating grapes and not running around isn’t who the OP is talking about. Nor is the mom with the dog and stroller in tow who graciously says thank you to the polite person who moved over for them. And come on…in a full parking lot, who in their right mind isn’t at least slightly annoyed by the crooked car taking up two spaces for no reason. And finally, rogue lane changers almost kill me on the bridge daily…thankfully for them at least i’m paying attention! “First world problems,” yes…still incredibly annoying, definitely! Anyway, I guess my point is that I see where the OP is coming from. I have a lot of pet peeves…do they rule my life? No way. Does it feel good venting, sure as hell does!

    Lemon, on the bright side…how lucky are we that these are our biggest issues today!?! Lucky indeed… :)

    And though this started as a rant, it reinforces for me that there are people out there who appreciate that I say please and thank you (i rarely get a “you’re welcome”), hold doors for others and try to be aware of my surroundings. It also reminds me that I’m not the only one! I hope to pass you on the sidewalk with my stroller, Lemon…I’ll likely be the one to move out of the way first because that’s just how I roll. I’m always happy to do my part and give someone else one less obnoxious human thing to rant about for the day ;)



    …omg, that looks long enough to be a post from DBP ;)



    “- cut someone off by running in the middle of the sidewalk with either a dog or a stroller.”

    When people come at me on the sidewalk and are taking up a disproportionate(sp?) amount of space I typically hold my line. They move (I do make exceptions for baby strollers if they give it a half hearted effort at least).

    “- parked crooked, taking up another parking spot.”

    I usually park next to them as tight as I can, lining up my passenger door against their driver door so that I can still get out.

    “- brought your kids and a friend to a coffee shop to have “lunch”, but spent less than $5.”

    No experience with this one, although it does sound rude.

    “- turned on your blinker and intentionally cut someone off in another lane – just because your blinker was on.”

    Ugh! Especially cars with the blinker on the side mirror. They think if you can see it you MUST let them in. Not me baby – see #1 Hold the line!

    Hold tough lemon – you are not alone!



    Yes, MB, that was long but well put.



    I agree with Smitty.

    The people who complain about other people complaining are usually big complainers.



    Not to put words in Lemon Seed’s mouth, but I read this as a rant toward entitled, rude people. They provided their definition of that with specific examples, but examples of entitled and rude behavior might be different for all of us.

    I personally agree with the parking one and find it incredibly rude. In fact, I started off my day complaining to my coworkers about the SUV in the parking garage that took up two spots (it took every ounce of self control to not leave a note on their car). Sometimes you just need to get it out!



    MB: ;->


    I like to study threads like this so I can learn about what really annoys people. Then I go do that stuff.

    So far today, I’ve pooped in three trash cans, driven the length of 35th with my blinker on, and camped out at SB’s all afternoon with a donut (I’m there now, in fact) and I’ve still had time to post half a dozen smarmy, 10,000-word screeds.




    You made my day! Thank you! (Wiping tears of laughter from my eyes)




    Thank you DBP for the comic relief. My initial responses were too harsh and you brought us back down to earth.

    LemonSeed, my apologies. You have your right to be annoyed by whomever you want!


    Thanks MB :)

    I just had to get it out. It was one of those days.



    Well now, don’t I feel better that I revived the “pet peeve” rant so LemonSeed can cross-post! And here I just thought I was being entitled and self-serving :-) !!



    I only park crooked in parking lots if the spot I park in is next to someone that parked crooked and it is the only place left to park.So then I come out of the store to find they have left and *I* look like the one that initially parked that way.Hate when that happens but it has once or twice to me.I do not park crooked on purpose. Please forgive this lowly transgressor.



    “So far today, I’ve pooped in three trash cans”

    Dang, what’s your secret?!

    One and done, baby. One and done.



    No way, Smitty — Meal in, meal out.

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