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    This post is in reference to the poor man who got his phone stolen from 3rd and pike which was posted on the blog. I took the bus from 3rd and pike last night and was very nervous. The majority of people at 7:45 pm last night were NOT waiting for a bus, clearly hanging around selling ect. The situation in downtown Seattle has deteriorated so quickly. Its absolutely unsafe downtown when the sun goes down. The crime and homeless population is out of control. Is there any way to appeal to the Seattle City Council or Mayor McGinn? I’m tired of complaining about it and would like to actually act on it….advice?



    I am a 70 yo woman and I have been taking the bus at night from 3rd and Pike for at least 6 years. I have never had a moments trouble. To call it unsafe because “people are hanging around” is a gross overstatement. There is crime everywhere. The other day a woman said she hated the C. When I ask why she said because her pocket had been picked? HuH? What does that have to do with the C?



    Based on this posting:

    and the comments people made-I’m not the only one with this exprience. Obviously people “hanging around” isnt the only issue. Just looking for some input as to where to take my complaints to…



    Good luck finding somebody to help. I was held up by a guy with a knife for my iPhone right here in Arbor Heights in January. It’s not RapidRide, it’s not downtown – it’s everywhere. I wish there was some answer. I truly do.

    For Arbor Heights, though, one thing I think that might make it somewhat safer is more street lights.

    BTW, for anyone who knew about my robbery, it seems that trial will be soon. The criminal process is slow…



    Solution: education, opportunity, employment, housing and health care. Presto, crime diminishes.



    Hm. “Presto” eh?

    That would be a first.

    Look, I’m not against any of your recommendations, bird-r, but in addition to doing all those things, we also need to be creating a culture in which there is real accountability for people who do bad things. And that accountability needs to start now, not sometime in the theoretical future, when everyone has an education and a great job.

    Unfortunately, right now we do not have such a culture, particularly in Seattle. What we do have is a culture that reflects this idea that if you do something obnoxious, like harrassing people on a downtown streetcorner, it must be because you haven’t been given enough “opportunities” or something.

    Knowing what I know about people, I just don’t buy that.


    Barry has a valid concern about crime in the downtown area after dark. I’m a 52-year-old male who often rides the #120 after hours, and I can tell you that the area around 3rd and Pike is not as safe as it should be. There are lots of loud thugs and punks hanging around there.

    I do think Barry went too far, though, when he said crime was “out of control” or that it’s all homeless people’s fault.



    Barry, I’ll support any effort of yours that focuses on improving safety in that area. I won’t support anything that singles out any one class of people (young people, homeless, etc.) as being responsible for the problem.

    Please keep us posted.




    I think most people would agree that 3rd and Pike is probably THE worst corner in all of downtown as far as safety. I’ve walked through alleys right next to the various mens’ shelters at 1am coming out of clubs and felt safer than I have at 6pm on 3rd and Pike trying to catch the bus.

    I do think that SPD knows quite well the situation, as they often have officers hang around there (probably when they can spare them).

    The one upside might be that everything bad is concentrated there, instead of around the city..



    >>The one upside might be that everything bad is concentrated there

    –Including several major bus stops.

    I know! Maybe we could have something like off-leash parks for punks. Just put up a bunch high walls and klieg lights in some unused corner of town, herd the low-lifes in there, and give them the run of the place.

    Oh. Wait . . .

    We already have something like that, don’t we?



    Geez, DBP…how about a few positive posts…so far I’ve read about the “condemnation” of youth…and White Center…..having a bad Monday? Life is that bad?



    DBP…read back to your post #6, and you redeem yourself at the end of that singling out. Yes..badness and trouble comes in a sizes , all ages…

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