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    Anyone wanna guess where these came from?

    Anyone wanna claim credit as an artist?

    And before you scold me for “stealing,” please understand that these will be going right BACK where they came from.















    These doodles were all borrowed from the drawer of a single table at Meander’s Kitchen. As promised, they were returned the next day, no worse for wear.


    When you go to Meander’s, it’s like trippin’ in another dimension. The place has always been a trove of quirky people and cultural artifacts, and now that it’s in White Center, there’s room for the quirks to relax and unwind. It feels like it’s always been in White Center to me. Weird.

    Maybe the quirks wanted Miranda to move there or something. Like maybe they needed to find a new place to haunt.

    So sorry, California Ave. Guess you were just too trendy-spendy for your own good.



    The first one looks a little like the Seattle Sketcher’s work…though not as detailed…



    You know, I think I’ve figured out what the first sketch is. I think it’s an inside view of the old Meander’s Kitchen from when it was still on Calif. Ave. It must’ve been done by someone sitting at one of the window tables, looking east. On the right is the small hallway leading to the bathroom.

    The figure on the far right must be a waitress.

    The drawing was probably tucked away in the drawer before the move happened and just came to the new White Center spot along with the table.

    I hope Miranda got some pix of the old place before she left.



    I love that first sketch. It looks like my husband and me (though it could be anyone!) sitting at the table – that’s the way we always used to sit, together on that side of that table at the old place, him on the right of me. It makes me smile thinking of it, even though it’s likely not us. We haven’t chosen “our” table at the new location yet.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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