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    Moral of this long post:

    I live in West Seattle and need someone to either teach me how to do MINOR welding or do it for me and I can pay a little bit of $. I do not have a machine but could buy one as I am wanting to make multiple things for family this year. Please pass this on to anyone who has this capability and understand that this is to make a tradition stand strong as well as to help spread the cheer to everyone in this fine city! :-)

    From the 1960’s up until 6 years ago, my Grandfather always surprised the neighborhood with a brand new Christmas Decorations that he hand made himself. They ranged from a full set of life sized wooden reindeer and sleigh to a train set made out of rebar and motioned rope lights and many more things!

    This all being the reason I am so fascinated with Christmas, because he made it happen!

    As I grow up and mature day by day, I find myself wanting to do special things and make more memories. So the other day I called him and asked him to make a Christmas decoration with me. Without hesitation, he agreed.

    We went and shopped for the supplies and went back to his house and bent the 1/4″ steel rods in place and got all of the electrical supplies ready to go as well as the rope lights. Then he couldn’t find his welding machine. Someone had taken it.



    Danny, I love the way you write! You are obviously a wonderful guy.

    You make me wish that I DID know how to weld, if only so I could do you a good turn.

    But who knows . . . maybe I still can.


    Whenever life starts looking like nothing but one big rip-off, consider that even the meanest of actions can sometimes have a good outcome.

    What is Christmas about, after all, if not redemption?




    Is renting a portable welder a possibility for you? If so, here is a link.



    Happy Holidays!



    I took an ornamental welding class through SSCC… taught at night at a warehouse on W Marginal.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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