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    You sure wouldn’t know it here.

    Yesterday i passed a car with bumpers stickers all over the back and a huge sign box on the roof advertising a red and blue ticket


    WTF? the Rob McKenna campaign is so afraid to embrace his republicanism that they are advertising him on a co-ticket with the Democratic contender for President?

    don’t you sometimes wonder if you took a left turn back at the intersection of sanity and twilight zone?

    The political stances of those two candidates couldn’t be further apart… yet.. here we are .. with idiots insinuating that Obama supporters actually endorse McKenna.

    In what universe?

    and what do we have to guide our informed choices… the mudslinging campaign of the decade

    Governor’s race: The mudslingers pass $20 million

    want to know how that race is going?


    it’s still a very close call.

    i tried to look this one up on Project Vote Smart.. thinking that would be a good way to look at the candidate’s positions…

    it turns out you can learn more there about the Lieutnant governor’s race than the governor’s race…

    neither campaign chose to complete their survey :(

    Wonder what the progressive voter’s guide says…

    the big group that pulled Obama into the White House in the first place?

    It’s not a slam dunk for democratic candidates or issues.

    They remain undecided on both charter schools and The Lieutenant Governor’s race…


    but … just in case you wondered whether those split tickets signs you were seeing mean that progressives endorse Rob McKenna…

    wonder no longer…

    they endorse President Obama for a second term

    and they endorse Jay Inslee for Washington State Governor

    those split ticket signs you are seeing..

    just another way to try to trick voters



    The Seattle Times endorsed Obama and McKenna. But I’m willing to concede the Times leans heavily Republican. So that’s not saying much.

    Also note that PSE endorsed McKenna.

    PSE endorses Rob McKenna for Governor

    If McKenna is getting almost 50% of the vote (according to polls) that means a whole lot of independents and democrats are supporting him.

    JoB, if you were a Republican running for office in Washington State, would you “embrace your Republicanism?” <wink>

    McKenna’s trying to get elected. And his strategy seems to be working.



    Brian Sonntag is also supporting McKenna.


    I suspect Brian will be voting for Obama and McKenna. But I could be wrong.



    JoB, I know it’s more about substance than spelling, but I had to laugh at “hotely”. I read it literally as hotel-y.




    the problem with electing somebody because you like the way they lie to you is that once they are in office their agenda surfaces.

    if you liked the lies, you aren’t going to like the results much.




    thanks.. i could still edit, so i did…

    thanks for the gentle kick in the backside..




    can you explain to me how a thinking person could choose to vote for Obama and then also choose to vote for McKenna?

    Is it because there is the remote possibility he might be the man he says he is to get elected?

    because i honestly can’t see any other rationalization for the disconnect in the two votes.



    I can’t speak for other people, JoB. So I can’t say what others are thinking. But I find it very plausible that a thoughtful individual could find Obama to be the best candidate for POTUS and McKenna to be the best candidate for WA governor.

    Did you read the Seattle Times endorsement of Obama and the Seattle Times endorsement of McKenna? I don’t mean that as a challenge or anything. I’m thinking it might help answer your question.




    did you read the times endorsement?


    I did.. and they endorse Rob McKenna for two reasons..

    he has lived and worked in the state for his entire political career

    and he believes charter schools are the solution to Washington’s educational needs.

    this is what they say about Jay Inslee

    “Jay Inslee, the Democrat, is also a local product but chose a much different career. He went to Washington, D.C. For the past 13 years he has been a congressman, which is not a management position. He has the right positions on reforming the financial system, limiting the consolidation of media companies and opposing the pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has a stronger vision about fighting global warming than McKenna does”

    They go in in their summation to insinuate that Jay Inslee would be in favor of a state income tax but offer no proof of that .. because it doesn’t exist.

    Come on.. some endorsement…

    Rob has been here in the state..

    he is part of the old boys network here

    and he favors charter schools?

    Versus.. Jay Inslee

    who favors reforming the financial system

    keeping our citizens out of needless wars

    and doing something about the climate before it does something to us…

    and that’s just the Time’s list

    you know, the Times.. the same Times that gave free political ads to McKenna


    One of these guys is not even remotely like the other

    and only one of them can be said to hold a similar political agenda to that of Barak Obama.

    I have a question for you Skeeter..

    when we get hit by the big one

    either an earthquake or a Tsumnami or a mother of a storm

    would you rather the morning after headlines praised Washington’s foresight in readying themselves for this catastrophe?

    or would you rather we bemoaned our lack of preparation like New York City and struggled to bail out way out?

    Would you rather Washington was poised to lead the nation in supplying dependable resources as global warming increasingly impacts the rest of the United States’ ability to do so…

    or would you rather see us follow their short term example into crisis control?

    We have clear choices here…

    the guy who has been making short term decisions for Washington like spending our hard earned dollars challenging healthcare reform in the Supreme Court isn’t the guy who is going to be able to lead us into that secure future…

    He’s too busy checking out what his buds are doing and positioning himself politically for the next big step:(

    now.. want to know what i really think?

    ;-> ;->



    I think JoB is going to vote for Inslee!

    The governor race has me really excited and I like talking about it. No hard feelings I hope.

    But to answer your question, yes, I would love for Washington to be prepared in the case of a catastrophe. And I don’t know a whole lot about dependable resources, but I suspect I’d agree with you there, too, that dependable resources are good.




    political parties aside..

    that is how i see the governor’s race..

    we can either elect the good old boy candidate who will use Washington as a stepping stone for his personal bid to something greater..

    you know.. the guy who will tell you anything you want to hear to get elected…

    or we can elect the nerd who gets that we are in the sweet spot to take advantage of the economic opportunities that global warming is going to throw our way…

    and has spent enough time in our nation’s capital to have a good idea how to get the global warming dollars that will eventually flow to land here.

    I am definately voting for the nerd.



    Wonder what the progressive voter’s guide says…

    the big group that pulled Obama into the White House in the first place?

    ha ha ha… Obama got into the White House with 53 per cent of the popular vote… do you really believe the population is 53 per cent progressive?



    Wonder what the progressive voter’s guide says…

    the big group that pulled Obama into the White House in the first place?

    ha ha ha… Obama got into the White House with 53 per cent of the popular vote… do you really believe the population is 53 per cent progressive?





    hey…what’s the opposite of progressive? Regressive?



    Can anyone actually tell me what a progressive is these days?

    I can’t.

    What i do know is that we have some clear choices to make that have nothing to do with political labels..



    If the incumbent has been in office a while and hasn’t gotten much done lately, then the challenger will style himself as a progressive, regardless of party.

    Take crusty ole Jim McDermott for example. He used to be considered a progressive himself, but he’s been in there so long now, with so little to show for it, that even fellow Democrats are challenging him.

    Hope that helps.




    so a progressive is anyone who is dissatisfied with the status quot?

    styling is the problem here… or should we call it labeling…

    A horse is not a cow because someone dissatisfied with horses says so…

    any more than that person is progressive for mislabeling.



    I think what you’re trying to say here is . . .

    That my response wasn’t optimal.




    LO)L.. i guess that is one way to look at what i said :->



    and washington voters got it wrong! mckenna was clearly a superior candidate; but the voters made a mistake on this one.

    from some one who voted for Hillary and McKenna!


    Genesee Hill

    I disagree hoop. You may have the speed limit down and up Admiral Way correctly pegged, but you are wrong on supporting ANY tea-bagger. Even if they are dressed in starbucks clothing.



    “mckenna was clearly a superior candidate”

    You see, we have elections to determine just this question.

    You are clearly wrong.



    Well, I have to admit that my vote for Inslee, was actually a vote against McKenna.

    You can damn well betcha I woulda voted for McKenna, had he not switched to those plastic framed glasses, and kept the wire frames!


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