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    dee kalani

    I bought my house on 21 st ave sw in 1996, it was a better neighborhood back then. There are alot of renters who don’t care about the appearance of the rented property, home owners who lack pride of ownership, and plain lazy people who live of of the goverment drink and throw the bottles in my neighborhood. Today I picked up two big garbage bags of trash on 21 st ave sw. I call the illegal dumping hot line for the constant dumping by Sansilo school, etc. We are getting dumped on in more ways than on, now there is new construction on Delridge to house drug users, mentally ill, and who knows who. There are some wild, uneducated white trash kids running around in loud rice burner cars, throwing fast food bags out of windows, parents too busy drinking, taking pills whatever to teach these kids respect. I don’t want to move , but it’s hard to look at my neighborhood some times.



    Some of the stuff you mention is true. And yeah, it’s bad. But that’s not the whole picture by any means.

    I live about five blocks south of Sanislo and I’ve been following the progress of the neighborhood, too. It’s not all bad.

    ► There’s the new pocket park on Puget Ridge

    ► Co-housing developments

    ► New Pathfinder School and trail system

    ► SSCC Arboretum & Chinese Garden

    ► New Delridge Playfields and Community Center

    ► New Delridge Library

    ► Cooper School renovation

    ► New businesses on Delridge

    I’m grateful to the city government and neighborhood leaders (and also the taxpayers) for all this stuff, which is not to negate any of your valid complaints.

    But speaking of complaints . . . I don’t think all of yours are valid. For example, the new DESC housing project is not going to be as bad as you think it is. There’s going to be professional oversight there, and if any resident does bad stuff, he or she will be evicted.

    On the “white trash” thing, personally I never use that term. Trashy people come in all colors.


    My advice to you would be to pick an issue you can actually do something about (e.g., littering), organize your neighbors, and attack the problem that way.


    dee kalani

    I forgot to mention the low income housing on 21 st. with over grown vegetation, debris, unoperable cars, the respose from mngmt. after we had a meeting was, landscaping is not in the budget, our response was people that live there at a reduced rent, should want to help to maintain the property, that is not the case. They call on the cars, and once in awhile clean up the property. There are two properties that have been vacant for over two years, bringing property values down. We have reported the house on 18th by the school for numerous violations. We do our part by picking up trash,(weekly) reporting violations, illegal dumping, drainage problems , etc. It’s not all bad.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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