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    I have a question. Has any reader noted the presence of deer in West Seattle ? The reason I ask is that I have a few apple trees in my backyard, and on Sunday morning (when I went out to pick), I noticed that many of them had been bitten out of, with big, wide-mouthed bites, while *still* on the tree. Some were knocked on the ground, but most were still on the tree with gaping chunks taken out of them. The only things I could think of were a) deer, b) a bear, or c) a human hungry enough not to bother picking the fruit. I didn’t take pictures of the fruit on the tree, but I wish I had just to show you.

    The tree branches are too light to support a raccoon, although I guess they could always pull them down to their level if they’re big enough animals.

    Anyway, if you have any knowledge of deer (or anything else that would do this) in West Seattle (I live along Beach Drive), I’d appreciate it.





    Peter, were there teeth marks on the top and the bottom of the bites? If so deer aren’t your culprit since they have no upper teeth.



    I wasn’t aware of that. Yes, it looks like the apples were bitten by teeth from both sides. Don’t tell me it could have been a bear….

    Thanks !




    I have seen raccoons sit in my neighbor’s cherry tree and eat the fruit.



    Now that makes sense. I wasn’t aware that raccoons would climb a tree to eat fruit, though…



    They eat my zucchini….


    tom kelley

    I’d be happy beyond description if there where deer in West Seattle!! Sorry, gardeners.



    It could have been my husband- he loves apples. :-)



    From what I’ve seen, raccoons will climb damn near anything if there might be food on it.



    There’s a large fig tree in between our house and our neighbors’. Almost every night when the figs are ripe, raccoons come climb the tree and feast on the figs. This year, a mother was bringing her three kits and the little ones would climb all they way up into the highest branches. I understand most people find them to be nuicances, but I think they are hilarious to watch.



    Every year when the cherries come in on my backyard tree, the raccoons climb the tree and help themselves. It’s not uncommon for them to break branches and crash around… they aren’t real quiet or furtive about feasting in my tree.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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