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    I am going to take down my Halloween decorations and put up my Christmas decorations between now and next Monday.

    Does this make me ridiculous or can you people understand how incredibly busy I am later this month.

    I promise not to turn them on until Thanksgiving Night. :-)



    Walmart did xmas in July…no biggie



    I have no problem with that approach, I love seeing Xmas lights right after Turkey day, just don’t leave them up until Memorial Day!



    if you do your lights in white you can leave them up year-round and add or subtract from them depending upon the celebration :)

    just saying ;->

    I live just down the street from the gay pride house on Thistle.. and am stunned at the decorations they put up every season. Their halloween display was phenomenal…

    but all i could think the day i saw those orange lights going up is how much work it was going to be to change those out for the next holiday.

    perhaps you do get a little bit of bah humbug along with get off my porch as you age :(



    Someone on California in Gatewood had their shrubbery wrapped in Christmas lights as of last night. Including a palm tree. But I also understand the “take advantage of the good weather if it happens ANY TIME IN NOVEMBER” syndrome – get the lights up or you may never get another chance.



    Starbucks has their Christmas cups out, so its ok to put up decorations. Anyone who argues with this logic will be word attacked by an unforgiving, pre-Starbucks Emmyjane. If you agree, you shall be rewarded with post-Starbucks kind words. Not that I’m addicted…



    JoB, I too live near the house on Thistle that is a magnet to my car every time I am driving home. It never fails that I want to see what they have up next. It’s wonderful!

    I took down my Halloween decorations yesterday and then it started raining. But this weekend, even though I have plans, I truly think I could get started on at least the “on the roof” decorations so I don’t have to worry about it when the weather gets cold and rainy again.

    Last year I made the switch over to LED lights. Although the surrounding neighborhoods don’t have the best reputation crime wise, I consider my neighborhood on SW Cloverdale to be pretty charming. But because of the high cost of my new lights and not wanting to take the risk of making it too easy for them to be stolen, I decided to zip tie them down to the reachable and exposed areas. it worked well. I only mention this because I want people to switch over to LED lights and know that there is a way to detour people from stealing them.

    Although it’s not 100% guaranteed that they won’t be stolen, at least someone will really have to work at it to do so.

    My biggest question to you all is, if I were to add figures in the lawn, how can I secure them fairly well?

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