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    Hey, the City has two places to provide feedback on their cable agreement. One is a full-fledged survey and the other is a simple feedback form on the current Comcast arrangement.

    Here’s the simple one:

    Please, if you have issues – and I know many of you do cuz I’ve read about them here on this very blog – go and throw your thoughts at the decision makers. If you don’t, you get what you get.




    YES YES YES! It’s super quick and I did it on my phone the other night!



    thanks so much for posting this! I gladly took the survey and bashed Comcast. :)



    Thanks. Considering the monopoly Comcast has, I think we’re paying far too much for the services provided.



    Thanks to all who’ve given feedback. Bumping to keep it visible.

    Not sure if there’s been an article about the feedback request recently by Tracy et al on the main site but I’m hoping that everyone who has posted on the topic of Comcast takes a few easy minutes to provide their thoughts to the city. Put your keystrokes where they make a difference, folks!



    They’ve never sent anything about it … happened to see it on Reddit, and then you mentioned it here. I should mention it.



    Oh wow it was on Reddit?? The city is going to have an awesome time reading the comments… :)



    Big ups to Tracy for posting the links on the main page. Looks like some folks are using it as well.

    This is great. Thanks, Tracy and WSB.

    And one last pitch to share the link with friends and neighbors. If you want your electeds to pay attention to what’s going on, you gotta’ respond when they ask for feedback, cuz you know that the entities that benefit from the relationship are spending whatever it takes to influence those electeds in their favor.



    Yes. Thanks! **starts typing vigorously*



    Kansas City, Provo, and Austin can get 1 Gbps Internet service from Google. Now, Mississippi can also get 1 Gbps …

    It’s disappointing that our region, with its high-tech reputation, doesn’t have anything comparable, thanks to Comcast/Time Warner’s monopoly of mediocrity.

    I’m paying about what I would for Google Fiber’s 1 Gbps service, but only getting “up to” 50 Mbps. I just did a speed test and got 23.40 Mbps; the kids must be coming home from school. Sigh.



    I filled out the survey earlier this week. This a.m. I read about Comcast imposing data use limits for Internet users in some areas. If I could do my survey over again I would voice my concerns about this issue. I hope other people have or will do so.



    I signed it also but they will never do what i suggested which is to open it up to more than one company and get rid of the Comcast monopoly. Channel Ala carte would be great also



    Hey clark, I realize the sense of futility but you have to try. And I’m glad you took a couple minutes to at least make your feelings known.

    As Margaret Mead said, the only thing in history that created change were small groups of dedicated people.

    It could happen.



    and don’t forget that city council members are most likely cable victims – i mean “subscribers” – as well. it has to be painfully obvious to everyone involved that comcast is throttling this city.

    it really could happen.



    The Dish guys are telling me that Frontier is serving 98136 for internet, any one know that for sure?




    Hopefully, it’s not just public bluster with some backroom deals already being negotiated. Like that isn’t standard operating procedure for most politicians?

    Here’s my prediction. We’ll see more “discussion” about the options, a few more “we can do this ourselves” threats, and Comcast will throw a few concessions into the deal and they’ll get another 10yr. contract.

    Please, PLEASE let me be wrong.

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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