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    My friend was raving about a Chinese massage she got, $20 for half an hour and a really excellent massage. She thinks there is a place in White Center that does this, but I can’t find anything in either West Seattle or White Center.

    Anyone have any info or experience?



    I’ve heard people mention a place in the ID, but not in WS…



    GoGo– try Imperial Foot Massage in the ID (900 S. Jackson St.), that’s probably the one Jan is referring to. There is free parking and it is crazy inexpensive. They are open 10 a.m. – midnight, 7 days a week and although they would prefer you schedule an appt, I never have and have never had to wait. It’s a funny experience, 10 basically recliner chairs in 1 room (I hear snoring EVERY time I go!). For a 30 minute session, you do a hot foot soak while they massage your scalp, neck and shoulders, then do reflexology on your feet. I think it’s $15 for the 30 minutes and $25 for an hour. For the hour, they lay the chair flat, flip you over and do a massage — with VERY deep pressure! I usually just do the 30 minutes b/c I find their pressure is just too much for me and it will never replace the skilled hands of someone like Jan — I still see my regular LMP and my regular Reflexologist but pop into this place spontaneously (when I’m having a really crappy day and can get out of the house while the kids nap).

    I think I have seen one in Burien (in the Albertson’s, Trader Joe’s shopping center) but have never tried it…. haven’t noticed 1 in White Center.



    My husband and I go to Two Smiling Feet in Burien. Really excellent and inexpensive.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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