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    Hey folks!

    Can you recommend your sitter/nanny?

    I have a great 1st grader on break. I have to work a couple days during the break and my sitter plans aren’t matching up. The two I use are very close friends and just happened that all our schedules collided – so it’s not like sitter-drama happened. Just holiday timing.

    I am seeking someone who can help two days (Dec. 26 and 27th) next week and three days (Jan 1st, 2nd, 3rd) the week after. I’m a waitress, writer, and very active in West Seattle’s community. He’s a wicked bright, fun, and gentle kid. We’re thick as thieves and haven’t needed an outside sitter in years.

    We’re seeking a non-smoker (that includes pot. Sorry – it’s a huge deal-breaker), older teen to adult in age. No chronic texters and no boyfriends are allowed over. I’m not keen on someone with their own kids in tow – hasn’t worked out before. Verifiable references, CPR cert, etc… We’re budgeted really tight, too – hence why I’m working during holidays – so please know that $15/hr won’t happen. I can’t do that high at this time.

    If you think your sitter/nanny is awesome, please send me an email at: or simply post here.

    I really, really appreciate it!

    Oh! – and if there’s a winter break camp you’re doing for your kids, I’d love to know about it – I’m thinking about that, instead!

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