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    2 black helicopters just flew by my house on beach drive north of lowman beach. Any idea what’s going on? I have an unobstructed view of the sound and mountains and they were flying veryy low.



    I saw them on my way home but I was too far away to get any idea of what they were doing.



    Don’t know, but I saw them too while at Lincoln Park. Probably military going to Whidbey. I got a poor photo of one through the trees but just looks like a small black helicopter.



    I’m curious as to why black helicopters would elicit a suspicion that something is going down as opposed to seeing white airplanes overhead. What is it about the former that is so compelling?



    What is it about helicopters that make West Seattle snap to attention?

    Helicopters fly low (because they can, and they have to due to SEATAC airspace issues), so you’ll notice them more than planes, they’re no big deal, just a mode of transportation. Military helicopters often fly in pairs, or more, and are often dark green or black for obvious reasons (so bad guys can’t see them and shoot at them). Sometimes helicopters are rented out by photographers or GIS types to get a picture or gather data from a unique perspective. I work downtown and see the Coast Guard helicopters flying back and forth all day, nearly everyday. No big deal.

    When we see tanks rolling over the West Seattle bridge, let’s all freak out.


    Any reports of mutilated cows in the area?



    I knew shouldn’t have opened my big mouth…..

    I quit drinking about 5 years ago but it looks like it is time to start up again. Jim Beam here I come.



    once you go black…



    If those tanks make it over the bridge without the bridge collapsing, THEN I’ll freak out.



    Semiseriously, the county sheriff and city PD been doing helicopter training over west seattle and white center for a while. I do not know how we were selected; maybe Christopher can get a ride with ’em and tell us. :-)

    No cows, but I do have a suspicious crop circle in my backyard bluebells. Does that count?



    I want a ride on a hellicopter. If we are paying for them and they are flying over our houses they should give us free rides. It would so much more fun than the ride at Luna Park Cafe.



    damn…where’s my aluminium foil hat??



    trensuela..I don’t think they have beer volcanos on helicopters.

    May the sauce be with you.




    I was waiting for them to stop and hoover then turn and look at each other like the movie “capricorn one” with OJ Simpson and the guy from Law and Order.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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