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    I’m a big fan of Zippys, but what other hamburger joints in WS do you recommend?



    Not a burger joint, but hands down, Circa has the best burger. They have a pretty good menu of beers and wines, and recently had a lamb burger that was amazing! The fries are good too, but I will always go for the sweet potato fries, YUM!


    The burgers at Elliot Bay Brewery are pretty darn good. Blue Cheese Crumble, mmmmmmmm.



    Best Fast Food Burger – Zippys

    Best Bar/Restaurant Burger in West Seattle – Circa

    Tough to compare the 2, different places, different markets, both great.



    The burger at JaKs is DELICIOUS! One of the best hands down. It’s $10, which includes fries, but… if you go there for happy hour – same burger & fries for $5



    I haven’t had the one at Circa, but I love the one at Jak’s and would highly recommend it. If you’re in the mood for a different type of burger, the lamb burger at Fresh Bistro is also amazing – first time I’ve actually enjoyed something made of lamb.



    I’ve gone to the Wingdome twice since opening and I’ve had burgers both times and they were pretty darn good. One with pulled pork on top and the other was their bag o’burgers served at happy hour for $3.00 ($6.00 on dinner menu). Give ’em a try.



    Pepperdock’s on Alki – YUM! And a great view of the water, and ice cream for dessert!



    After my kitchen? Don’t rule out the High Strike Grill at West Seattle Bowl.



    Zippy’s satiates me like no other. I am dying to try their goat cheese roasted pepper burger. Saw it last weekend after I’d already ordered.

    Never had Circa’s but thinking that must happen soon based on these reviews.

    Mmmmmm burgers.

    We have such great food in WS!






    Another vote for Circa here! Although I do really like Jak’s….but Circa is the best!



    Eats Market Cafe has a KILLER burger! YUM! I also second the Elliott Bay burger comment, as well. Always good with an IPA and those fries….be sure to get a side of tartar!



    Zippy’s has a goat cheese roasted pepper burger? I need to get there, it’s been too long!



    Zippy’s is my fave, but for a sit down restaurant experience, I was happily suprised by the burger at Matador. Tasty, juicy, great condiments and the fries are awesome. Also like the burgers at Eats cafe in Westwood village. They have a huge burger menu. Downside no fries only chips.



    Hands down my favorite burger is the Bohemian Burger at the Bohemian!



    15 posts so far and no one has mentioned Spring Hill? I thought they had the ultimate burger for West Seattle.

    Most memorable for me was a burger at Boca on 1st Ave downtown. The bun had been scooped to allow for a crunchier toasted texture, the beef was Kobe and the fries were sprinkled wit truffle oil.

    The 909 in Burien has an amazing Kobe burger with aged cheddar.



    You know why no one has mentioned Spring Hill? Because it’s $17! I will NEVER pay that much money more a burger; have had way too many excellent ones at half the price.

    I do love JaKs but Flowerpetal has a good point. The Highstrike burger is pretty dang good; it comes fully loaded and delicious at $10, which is near the top of my price range for burgers. And don’t get me wrong. Zippys makes a tasty burger, but I think it’s a little over hyped.



    I didn’t mention Spring Hill because the last few times I have gone IT SUCKED. First time I went and got the burger I told my wife that burger might be better than, well, you know. So I ordered it the next time, it was only so-so. I went again and it was even worse. I finally went for the last time ever on my 50th. It took almost an hour from the time I ordered until I was served and they were far from busy. Fool me once, fool me twice but I have been fooled 3 times. The burger at Circa can vary from pretty good to excellent, but the service always rocks. I will never step foot in Spring Hill again.



    Mark Fuller’s burger price was about 9 bucks in the beginning. Everybody was getting them. He didn’t want to be known for his burgers, so raised the price. $17 is ridiculous…guess his idea worked.

    Carson..pretention, thinking that they’re the best..goes to their heads, they believe their hype. I realize that he’s a good chef, but..too rich for my blood…except maybe just for dessert. Crappy service? That’s a deal killer.




    You are right on the money. Never again. Never.



    I’m partial to the Bohemian Burger too, the bun is great not to mention the sweet potatoe fries that come with it.. yumm..



    I’m with MargL on this one: “Pepperdock”. I’m not a huge eater and I don’t need a giant burger. But it does need to taste good (burger and fries). Pepperdock gets the job done, reasonably priced. AND, especially during Fall and Winter, they have the best view of the Puget Sound. Plus, they serve up a nice cone of ice cream! I love that place!



    I have two categories for burgers: Everyday Value and Restaurant Experience. For Everyday Value no one even comes close to touching Zippy’s. Their burgers are delicious! Hand formed patties, peppers, and most options are under $5. Hands down my ‘go-to’ burger joint. For Restaurant Experience, Fresh Bistro’s lamb burger is out of this world. It’s moist, flavorful, and the side of fries are outstanding.

    On the other end of the spectrum, I had the worst burger in recent memory at High Strike last night. It was burnt to a crisp on the outside and dry, dry, dry on the inside. After less than half of the burger, I couldn’t take it anymore I addressed my concern with the server and asked for just a plate of fries instead of ordering a whole new burger/other menu item. Then the bill came and they charged me for the burger. Really? Why not just charge me for the plate of fries? Since they don’t seem to understand the theory of extra staffing on league nights (there were also two large parties), I’d already waited an unacceptable amount of time for my food, replacement order, and then check and did not want to wait any longer to address the billing issue so I just paid and left. I will be writing a letter to their management.



    moxilot…bummer about the burger experience at Highstrike. If I were you I’d give them another chance. When I had it (first week of opening), it was pretty dang good.

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