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    Hello all! My partner and I are looking to rent a house along the beach in West Seattle (Alki preferred, but anywhere with beach access might be good.) We are wanting to rent the house for a small wine & snacks reception (10 to 20 people) and have our ceremony on the beach (or at least with the beach in view). We would prefer to rent only for a day or two rather than a full week rental because we don’t have a huge amount of funds. Does anyone have any suggestions on rental houses that you might know of? It’s a little hard to find things on the Net just by searching.



    Hi LABlue!

    While not a beach house, the Alki Bath House is available for rental should all else fail. Congratulations and good luck!



    Not an exact match to your request, but the Alki Bathhouse is available for rent from the Seattle City Parks department. We were married there, on the beach, and then had the party inside.



    Thank you both very much! We have looked into it, but you can only reserve the bathhouse by lottery each spring, which kind of throws a wrench into things if you don’t get the date you are planning on. And in our case, we wouldn’t know for sure until just a few months before the wedding. Plus they require permits, extra fees and such to serve alcohol on the premises and have catering. Turns out to be kind of pricey and complicated. If we can’t find what we are wanting, it is something to fall back on, but we’re hoping for something a little easier to manage since we are doing all our own planning and such due to costs.



    Have you looked at Vashon? I would think you might find a beach house there.



    What about renting the picnic shelter there at Alki or at Lincoln Park – would be a good idea if you can get it on the date you want.



    Check on they have some rentals on alki. It is the off season. You might be able to negotiate a shorter time period. Congratulations!



    On one of their visits to Seattle, my parents stayed at a B&B in Burien. I can’t remember which one off hand–might’ve been Three Tree Point B&B, but I’m not sure–but it had a patio, kitchen, and enough space for a small party.

    Google shows a few in the vicinity of Seahurst Park, where my husband and I got married four years ago and which is a lovely spot. You could rent a picnic shelter or just choose a spot on the beach–or even use the B&B itself, the one my parents stayed at had a large patio.

    Good luck and congratulations!



    There is a house at 64th and Alki across the street from the west end of the Alki boardwalk that is apparently a B&B or some kind of rental. Its name is visible if you look from Alki SW. Someone asked me about it a few weeks back when some commercial vehicles had been parked outside it for a while – a product tour of the Northwest, it turned out. Sorry I can’t think of its name…



    From your description, I think it might be this one listed on VRBO:



    Thank you very much for all the help everyone!



    The lottery system isn’t year-round – we just made a reservation.

    And if you hire a caterer, their banquet and liquor licenses satisfies the Seattle requirements. Our caterer was very familiar with the rules, and provided his licenses to City Parks, who he had worked with before.

    City Parks was very accommodating and helpful with us, and prompt at returning our deposit.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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