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    Brooke Best

    I was in an accident when I was turning left onto Fauntleroy Way from SW Graham St. It was a pretty hard, direct hit & there were no witnesses. Since I was at the stop sign, I received the traffic citation. That intersection is well known by locals as a “blind” curve, especially on bad weather. I usually avoid this route, but didn’t that morning. I’m requesting a mitigation hearing to communicate the mitigating circumstances. If anyone would like to provide statements, comments about the SW Graham/Fauntleroy Way intersection, I’d appreciate it. I can be reached via email at I’d like to try to remedy the situation in some way, if possible. Something good should come out of this. Thanks



    Brooke, I hope you’re okay after the accident! Were you driving eastbound on Graham, trying to turn left (north) onto Fauntleroy? I can’t speak to the intersection coming from the other side of Graham, but going eastbound it’s horrible at Fauntleroy. I live on Fauntleroy, 5 blocks north of here, and I attempted to make that left turn once. It’s almost impossible to see past the parked cars to make a RIGHT turn, let alone a left one. I was inching out little by little and ultimately just had to pray I didn’t get hit. I won’t do that intersection again.



    The cars parked along Fauntleroy just north of Graham on the West side are the problem for me. Small cars are ok but sometimes there are largish trucks parked and you really cannot see to turn left until you inch out nearly into the oncoming lanes…not sure what the answer is unless they limit the parking to smaller cars only or remove the ability to park completely.That would not be very fair for the people that live there.

    Have to say trying to turn left at Juneau and Fauntleroy is even worse…


    Brooke Best

    Thanks Sue, that’s exactly what happened. I live in the neighborhood & normally avoid this route. Won’t make that mistake again. I’d like to collect feedback so I can approach SDOT about making a change at that stop sign. Thanks for weighing in!



    Oddreality nailed it. The large vehicles that frequently park there on the NW corner of that intersection make it very dangerous to turn left from Graham. As someone who has taken that route daily for the last eighteen years, i can say that it got much worse when those small houses along the west side of Fauntleroy were purchased, and condos added to the back half of their property, effectively mandating that those who live in the houses have to park on the street. While it might not seem fair to the person who lives in that one house, it’s a danger to everyone who uses that particular route, and this includes cyclists. You just can’t see without putting yourself in danger. I’d be interested to see how many accidents have happened there since the restructuring of the lots when the condos got added.



    a car parked on the west side of fauntleroy just north of graham would affect sight visibility. at some intersections the city identifies no parking within 30′ of the intersection



    I was directly behind the other vehicle headed south on Fauntleroy at the time of the accident and turned onto Graham and into the alley to stop. I contacted the insurance company today to share that you did, in fact, have to pull into the parking lane to be able to see around the corner. I would add that the corner of Fauntleroy and Raymond is even more challenging, as it is closer to the curve and furthermore, someone regularly parks very large work trucks, hummers, and other wide vehicles there along with large wooden signs to sell them, completely obstructing the intersection.

    To address B-squared’s input, I am the person who lives in that house (at the corner in question) and I would welcome the parking being limited from the corner of Graham. I drive through that intersection and my husband bikes through there daily and it is a safety issue for use both. Though, again, I would stress that the corner of Fauntleroy and Raymond has the same concern only magnified by it’s proximity to the curve and the huge vehicles being parked directly on the NW corner there. We park in the alley that runs parallel to Fauntleroy and there is no safe way to turn left onto or cross Fauntleroy from our home.


    Brooke Best

    Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback. I’ll be going to a mitigation hearing next week & will hopefully try to explain the issue of limited visibility at this intersection.


    Ironically the road diet from a few years ago was supposed to increase safety on this stretch… Yeah, anything you can do to get enforcement for parking in the area would be appreciated.

    Sorry this happened to you. I wish people parked legally/with common sense!



    Brooke: I came upon your accident while driving my kids to preschool (I assume yours was the gold Prius?). Have to say I cross this intersection here everyday and have never had a problem myself but I make sure to take my time and make darn sure it’s clear (and my vehicle is a little higher up than yours, too).

    It’s the same scenario intersection as Fauntleroy and Othello at the south end of the Kenney and even though there is a “No Parking South of Here” sign at that corner it is often ignored. I have noticed since you posted that there is a similar sign posted on that NW corner where you had your crash that also says “No Parking South of Here”. Because of that I’m doubtful mitigation will do anything for you because it seems the danger has somewhat been addressed but it’s always worth a try. Good Luck.



    Take pictures or even a video (while walking) to show the approach and visibility issues. A judge at a mitigation hearing will look at visual evidence. Good luck!


    HMC Rich

    That intersection is about the worst on that stretch of road. Also Fauntleroy and Juneau. Sorry to hear about your accident. My dog (who is not very smart) knows to run across the street at those intersections when we are on a walk.

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