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    I’m with Allstate and haven’t had any problems, but my agent just up and quit. So now my policy is handled by the home office and I’d like to have someone local. Any recommendations? If it’s Allstate, great, but I’m open to whoever is cheapest, and it’s been a couple years since I shopped around to compare my rates anyway.

    Thanks for any tips!

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    We were with Allstate for a long time. We switched to State Farm (Terry Gangon)a couple years ago. They were cheaper and very personable. Love them so much any insurance needs (small business, renters, etc…) we have we go to them 1st.


    Leah P

    I was also with Allstate for a long long time (since I first got my license) then switched to Farmers and was also told recently that they “went out of business”! Crazy!

    I now am with American Family – Flo can help you there: … hope this helps! She also managed to review our policies and get us a discount so ended up being cheaper than Farmers.



    ghar- instead of looking for the cheapest, i would consider that in conjunction with how you would be treated if you ever had to use them. i have had friends who thought they had a good insurance company only to find out that settling a claim was nightmare, then the premiums rose. i’ve been with Pemco (Raymond on California) forever but have never had a claim beyond a windshield so i have no idea how they would treat me when i really need them.



    Speaking of insurance agents, I keep getting mailings from Admiral area State Farm agent Brent Amacher. Does anybody use this guy?

    As much as I despise junk mail, it always cracks me up to get his mailings because his picture (which is also on his website) is so great. It looks like it’s from a wanted poster for some outlaw, circa 1879.

    I can’t speak to how well he administers insurance. But my guess is that if you need someone to shoot up a saloon or knock over a stagecoach, he might be your guy.



    Thanks for the suggestions so far! Haven’t yet had time to call around, but will definitely contact the above mentioned agents.


    B-squared, I used to be with Pemco. At some point I left them and I’m not sure exactly why. But I do remember hearing that the reason their rates are low is b/c they only take drivers that have amazing records and once you do have a claim, they shoot up dramatically. I’m pretty sure that’s the case with anyone nowadays though (rates going up), so I should contact them again and see what we can get. And I agree, how you’re treated is so important. I’ve heard some nightmares about certain companies and how hard it is to settle a claim.



    A State Farm, Farmers, or Allstate agent works for their respective company. You are much better off going to an independent agent who can check rates of several companies, give you unbiased feedback on which company is the best for you, and be a great advocate if you ever have claim issues.



    I use State Farm Brian Schiffer 206-937-7700. I have been with State Farm for 20 years.

    I got my license later in life (25) and they were the only one who would take me. I didn’t want to be on my parents policy so I went to a family friend Ted DelBianco an he got me a policy.

    After he retired Brent Amacher (?sp) took over his clients and I really didn’t like his customer service.

    Then I met Brian and found out he was state farm and liked his personality and asked a few questions and had him transfer my policy to his office. Been really satisfied ever since.



    I’ve been with the Allstate office on California for several years (homeowner’s only). Their rate & coverage are the best I’ve found, although there was a big increase this year. I’ve never spoken to the current agent, but Sonja, the office manager, is nice and very knowledgable. After the rate increase I did some research and Amica seems to be at the top of all customer service ratings. They’re also higher in cost.

    I used to manage a medical practice 12 years ago and got a good look at which auto insurance companies actually took care of their clients after an accident. State Farm was one of the worst. In fact, they were routinely slapped with big class action lawsuits for failure to pay on valid claims. It was cheaper for them to pay the fines than to pay the claims – a harbinger of things to come. At the time, Pemco was the best at paying claims, but I don’t have current information.



    If you are truly interested in shopping around, we would point out that two insurance agents are longtime WSB sponsors, both for more than 2 1/2 years (and we’ve only been running ads for 3 yrs total):

    Dave Newman, State Farm

    John Moore, Northwest Insurance Group (reps different insurers)



    I like Ray Neumiller. She’s local and provides the personal service touch. Rep for Farmer’s and associated (read: less expensive) companies. Ph# is 938-1278. On 40th between Alaska and Edmunds.



    @ cjboffolo….. I’ve always wondered if he’s the same Brent Amacher as in our local music guys “Brent Amacher and the Rodeo” Looks like him but I’m just not sure……..



    I second the vote for Ray Neumiller at Farmers. We’ve been with her for about 15 years (auto/home/boat/RV). She is great in responding to your needs and has some great suggestions – especially when revising insurance plans while traveling. Phone 938-1278 or email



    Bsmomma – yes, he is. Though for his musical career, he spells the name Brent Amaker.


    C Thompson

    Buyer beware, I was with Terry Gangon State Farm(in the junction) for years with no insurance claims, only two tows, luckily. The office there is very friendly, and so is every used car lot I’ve ever been to. Without boring you with specifics, I was completely misled and after a couple of months they snuck in a supposedly dropped charge for insurance. There was no contact from this office until I made it clear that I would file a complaint. If you research State Farm reviews you’ll find the paid off sites make them sound great, keep digging and you’ll find there is little truth to the new jingle. I got a hold of corporate and they will not communicate now. Best of luck to you folks, I sure miss my home on 30th. West Seattle is one great place to live!



    John Moore for sure! He is the best!!Very knowledgable and excellent to work with.



    I lived through Katrina in New Orleans and was a home owner as were most of my friends and many of my co-workers. Most of the big guys are all the same…when the shit hits the fan their job is to deny, deny, deny. It’s a numbers game to them. They have the ability to drag on negotiations for a very long time hoping people will get tired and just drop the claim or take what little they have offered. When you cash the tiny check, they win.

    The only insurance carriers that were worth a damn were Farmers and USAA. Everyone else I know were actively being screwed left and right. The worst? Alstate…by far. State Farm was pretty evil as well.



    Agents are just the mouthpiece tools of the trade. They have no power when it comes down to it. They are just there to stroke you before the agency slips the dagger in.

    We had an agent. Once we filed a claim, he went away pretty quick and we were tossed into the designed swirling bureaucracy that is the appeals process. The agent was pathetically impotent on all accounts and useless as an entity. Don’t be drawn in by the pawns who masquerade as the true nature of the giant malevolent bastards actually pulling the strings. The agents don’t write the checks, the agencies do. The agents are just the spoon-full of sugar that help you swallow the sewage they’re about to feed to you.



    Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone you know living on the Jersey Shore now that Sandy rolled through.

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