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    Looking for are commendations on finding a good retirement community. Any suggestions? I am all ears.

    Mainly looking in the West Seattle area.



    Hello K2,

    Unfortunately, I can offer nothing in the way of specifics WRT local options. There is however an organization called “A Place for Mom” ( that I’ve found to be a useful resource.

    Please note:

    1) I am not affiliated with these folks in **any** way

    2) They do not charge members of the public for their recommendations/services

    3) They can be pretty persistent in maintaining contact. It’s my understanding that their counselors are compensated by the number (or type) of placements that they make. (But I don’t know this for certain.)

    4) From their website: “A Place for Mom is paid by the participating communities and providers in our national network, therefore our service is offered at no charge to families. Our Senior Living Advisors are passionate about helping families and committed to delivering best-in-class service.”

    5) They have **always** been helpful in providing information… but, again, if you contact them, you may want to do so knowing that they seem pretty “motivated” to find a good fit between a facility and a potential resident.

    Hope this helps!



    Hi K2 – are you looking for a place to work or a living situation for your loved one?


    Big Bling

    A Place for Mom is paid by the places they send people to. not the best way to get a referral. someone i know used to work there.



    I know some pretty satisfied customers at Daystar, right across from Westwood Village, including some who started out at other WS facilities and moved because they weren’t happy.



    A living situation for a loved one



    Providence Mt St Vincent is great. They have apartments for those who don’t need 24 x 7 care. When/if continual skilled nursing care is needed, it’s an easier transition (I think).


    I had a close family member there for 4+ years following a severe stroke. She was briefly in another nearby facility, but PMSV was by far better.


    PMSV has a great staff, and they offer a lot of activities that brighten the days of the residents. The intergenerational program is awesome (activities that mix children and elders).


    Whatever you decide, I think it’s super important to visit often and stay involved – especially if your relative cannot advocate for themselves.



    I was very happy with Merrill Gardens on 35th for my Dad. He had lived in a few different assisted living homes, but he was by far happiest with MG. Really nice staff, great food, many activities, and popular rooftop garden in summer where the residents can tend a small garden if disired. Routine of fun things, casino, ferris wheel,Sunday drives and the ususal weekly shopping. The folks/residents all were very nice as well. We looked around the area and did our homework and the price was much better than Mt S V. too.


    Betty T

    A retirement home and Assissted Living differ. Depends on what you want or require. Google Retirement Homes West Seattle and check them out yourself. Do you need help with meals and meds? Do you want independant living where you do everything yourself? Do you want regular meals prepared for you in a dining room? Do some research. Good luck.



    I highly suggest that you do a lot of research. There are independent living facilities and assisted living facilities. They offer different things. Be aware that this is big business with a wide range of costs, and these costs can be negotiable. Find out what the occupancy rate is, find out what the management turn over is. Have a meal, which they will usually offer for free. Walk the halls. Visit with residents. Hang out in the lobby or sit by the fire. Check with the State to see if any complaints have been filed. I’ve recently done this for a friend and learned a lot. You might want to take a look at Bridge Park. This is independent living but there are additional services available. Pretend it is for YOU. Would you be able to, or want to live there?

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