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    Has anyone had the air ducts in their house cleaned? Why did you have them cleaned? Were you, or are you happy with the results? I’m wondering if getting our air ducts cleaned would help cut down on the crazy amount of dust in our house. I change the air filters in our gas furnace every 3 months (during the months we use it) but … it’s a never ending battle, and I’m losing. I’d appreciate hearing people’s thoughts or experiences. Thanks.



    We’ve had it done twice over the last decade. I do think it helps, but you have to hire the right people. Here is a website with info and a list of certified companies. They can help you seal things up to reduce the dust issue.



    We had ours cleaned because the furnace tune-up person wouldn’t open up the furnace until we did. The furnace was really, really dusty (a pre-us drywall project?). The duct cleaning also takes care of the furnace.

    We used Aurora Vaccuum based on a WSB forum search, but I didn’t see them on the NADCA site just now. They were friendly, considerate, and worked clean.

    I haven’t noticed a big difference in dust in the house. Next week is the monthly furnace filter check — maybe that will show something.



    Also am sharing a link for some good quality and reasonably priced air filters the last guy who cleaned our furnace recommended. There is some really helpful information on this website as well about filter types and ratings and what it all means.

    You may also want to consider getting an indoor air purifier or two. We have one in our bedroom because I have allergies and it really makes a difference. It is crazy how dirty that filter gets so I know it is helping to cut down on dust. We have dogs and kids and my hubby is a woodworker so we have a lot of dirt and dust to contend with!



    I think it is mostly hype but there are some conditions where i would do it:

    –> after floor refinishing, drywall work or other extensive remodeling project

    –> if i have just moved in and it’s an older house

    –> if i were to get a new furnace

    –> if i know that it has been over ten years since it’s been done.

    Would only use a company with good referrals (not likely anyone who constantly badgers me with robo-calls or who sends out tons of coupons).

    I would also use high quality furnace filters and change them more often than recommended if the conditions at home warrant it – like the things you mentioned.

    See post:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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