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Your thoughts on laptop replacement battery purchase sought, please.

  1. Since most of you are smarter than I am, and I'm sure some of you had had the need to replace the battery in your laptop, I'm hoping to get your insight as to where to get one from.

    I looked at the manufacturers web-site to see they sell them for $120ish (photo offered was not even the correct item), the found various mail-order sites with prices as low as $52 (correct item pictured).

    Please share any experience or knowledge you may have regarding the subject, thanks in advance for your time.


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  2. Did you try Batteries Plus? They have a store by southcenter.

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  3. Aftermarket for sure

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  4. I don't know if I'm smarter, but my first phone call or email would be to Seattle Laptops, They're up on Aurora, provide great service, and are helpful - even when I made it clear that I was shopping around for prices. Check with them first.

    For Mac's, I simply go to the Apple Store at University Village. The speed of service quickly overcomes any difference in price, in my opinion.

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  5. Lets be realistic for a moment.

    The oem battery at 100 to 200.00 each is made in the same series of Chinese factories as the aftermarket in many cases and I have even had 17.00 laptop batteries out last a 167.00 oem battery. Some of the original oem batteries may have been made in Japan but if you computer is more than two years old, the original mfg has sometimes outsourced the same model and brand battery out to cheaper Chinese factories.

    I have also gotten DOA batteries in just about equal numbers regardless of price. I go to amazon and look at the reviews for your battery and you will see the complaints are often even for the batteries no matter the cost.

    I usually gamble on the cheap battery first if it works evaluate whether you really need that 160.00 battery for your lifestyle(or job).

    Mac batteries are rare in the aftermarket but there are recyclers/strippers that sell used batteries out of Hong Kong for some of the older macs.

    Also note that there are some battery sellers on Amazon who use the image of the oem battery to sell their knock off.

    I probably order a couple dozen laptop batteries a year.

    You can buy a lot of 25.00 batteries for the cost of a 120.00 battery.

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