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You wake up, get dressed, go to the office . . . and nothing happens

  1. Then right in the middle of the morning staff meeting

          you happen to glance at a calendar . . .

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  3. WorldCitizen
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    Sooo, you're talking bout a swimsuit calendar, right?

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  4. Nope. No swimsuit calendar. (I have a silicone allergy.)

    Somehow I was hoping Valentine's Day was gonna be different this year. I was hoping it was gonna be kinda special.


    Well . . . there's always next year.

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  5. and that's the problem with V-Day. My philosophy is....don't expect/count on anything and you won't be disappointed.

    But...hope? There should always be hope :)

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  6. Jan, didn't you get the flowers I sent?

    Grrrrr. Stupid post office!

    Well anyway . . .

    Here . . .

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  7. i think valentines day is like many other holidays.
    you get out of it what you put into it.

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  8. thanks, DBP...

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  9. Any time, Jan.

    Here Joanne. These are for you . . .

    Anyone else want some free love?

    Guys or gals. It don't make no never mind to me.

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  10. FionaEnzo
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    Chocolates for me please, DBP. I like dat der caramel and sea salt stuff. Thanks!

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  11. can i has chocolates too?
    the dark chocolate caramel and sea salt stuff?

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  12. Caramels, huh? Mmmmmm!

    How about these ones here . . .

    Now all they need is a dusting of sel de mer and hey, presto!

    Oh Fi! Oh, Jo!

    Il mare. Il mare . . .

        Il mare, che ci chiama.

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  13. etohick616
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    no time for feeling sorry for myself this year. i took myself out for a 2 hour beach combing extraviganza and out for bbq at hog heaven.

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  14. FionaEnzo
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    Amo il cioccolato con caramello e mare sale. Vi ringrazio - e sentire il mare in ogni cristallo, troppo, DBPiotti!

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