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wsdood ... virus maybe??

  1. Just received an email from DS with no subject and a hokey looking link in the body of the email. Reply address is wsdood at yahoo dot com

    If this is someone here... you may have some computer issues. Just wanted to give you a heads up!


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  2. I received one too.

    However, for some time I have been receiving similar e-mails, from others that I know.

    I'm trying to get into the habit of mousing over the sender's name on my inbox page, to display the actual e-m addy from which it was sent.


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  3. And if you EVER get an e-mail with JUST a link, or JUST an attachment - even if you check the e-mail address and the headers and are fairly sure it's from someone you do know - DON'T click the link, DON'T open the attachment - e-mail them back to say "Hey, I can't click on a link or an attachment without explanation, just in case it's a virus - can you confirm to me what that link/attachment is?"

    These spams/hacks also turn up in social media in various forms - and often go undetected because the accounts' owners don't use them much. There's even been a live-chat hack on Facebook with the old "I'm overseas and just got robbed and need money fast" ... and comment hacks purporting to offer free airline tickets, etc. ... Makes old-school paper-based junk mail look tame.


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  4. Thanks for the reply MIke, I'm assuming it's somehow connected with being registered here at WSB? I have no idea how else I would receive an email from someone I know as no more than a username on a community forum??

    Just thought the email owner might want to look into it! :)


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  5. Thanks TR... I rarely even open links from someone I know... that send email to me all the time, if they arrive as a link with no message ;) If someone I know doesn't have the time to say "Hi Lisa, how are you? Here's a link to _____ I thought you'd like to see"... then I don't have time to look at whatever it is :)


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  6. anonyme
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    Anyone else been getting spam from Wang Lei, with an offer of a $25 million business deal? I've been getting them for several days, two today so far. His return email is - wherever or whatever the heck that is. The .edu throws me...

    What also freaks me out a bit is that the message can't be moved to any folder, either junk or "deleted". When deleted, it just vanishes. I'm not a techie, and don't know how (or if) to report this. WSB experts - should I be worried?

    Don't mean to hijack the thread, it just seemed a similar topic...

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  7. luckymom30
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    Anonyme - I too have been receiving emails from Wang Lei on a quite regular basis. If I don't know the person or recognize the email address I don't open it.

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  8. Wang Lee is Chinese equivalent for John Smith

    This is usually classified as a 419 scam or a variation of the "advanced fee" scam family.

    WSdood may indeed have a virus. malware or simply a hacked account at yahoo but more likely it is just a bot posting phishing or scam messages and using someones published email address as a fake "reply to" and "from" in a header. I have seen my own email and domains used that way dozens of times over the years I have had a public email address posted where bots can scrape it up and use it.

    Any mail program not made by the idiots at microsoft will have some way to view the "original" email message. Gmail uses "view original" under the reply drop down menu to show you what the actual message looked like before the browser got ahold of it. This is how we received email in the late 80's and early 90's. Bots still telnet into an smtp server and craft headers that route email to any address on the net but tracks of the spoof are left in the original path tracking unless you get pretty complex in hiding your spoof. Our local isp's block port 25 traffic unless it is to their designated smtp server and all transport is logged and noted in the header.

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  9. ok I got a little too geeky in that last post...
    bottom line...

    Email is used for scams, spams and nonsense UCE now at a rate of 90% of all email is crap. There is only one reason. Somewhere, some how, each of those scammers is getting results higher than zero when trolling for suckers and the willfully ignorant.

    The number of updates, virus scanners and manual blockings of entire countries and AS's got to be so bad I pointed my email accounts at a gmail address and let my mail servers become local only archives. It takes a company with the computing power of google to sieve the actual email from the massive ocean of crap and criminal intent.

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  10. anonyme
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    Thanks, Ken. I really haven't had a problem (except for the occasional Viagra ad) until this week. Now I'm getting this crap from all over the world, including in my gmail account (that's where it started).

    Usually I just delete these without looking at them, but the two issues I mentioned above have me concerned. First, the message can't be moved to any other folder, including junk. And when it's deleted, it just vanishes without going into the deleted folder. My suspicious, non-technical brain is worried that by deleting the message I'm initiating some lethal process. Comment?

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