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who wants coats?

  1. I sorted out a big pile of clothes to give away, including a couple of warm coats.

    Suggestions on where to bring them? Could always just haul the sack-o-stuff to the Goodwill - any better tips?

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  2. celeste17
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    Nickelsvile could possibly use them. Best to check with them first.

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  3. anotherwsmom
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    Holy Rosary is holding a coat drive for West Seattle Clothesline

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  4. Of course, I'm gonna automatically recommend Nickelsville as well! ;-)

    But yeah, like Celeste mentions check with them first, as they had an outpouring of donations after all of the media attention regarding the flood last month.

    The Camp cell# is: 206-450-5268, and ask to speak to a Donations Co-Ordinator.

    Thanks, JKB!


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  5. biankat
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    Also, I just read in the HOLIDAYS section that Pizzeria 22 is doing a Pizza for Parkas coat drive. They'll give you a free margherita pizza in return. Not bad!

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  6. biankat..

    thanks for the heads up
    i think i will head over there :->

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  7. Thanks, Biankat. We keep adding more to the Giving section of the Holiday Guide - everyone feeling generous is invited to check back. There are so many donation drives and other giving opportunities this time of year that we don't get to showcase them all on the home page, so we just keep trying to remind people to check there. Lots of wonderful stuff happening, and people here in the Forum especially are so generous year-round .. TR

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  8. Kids' coats would be gratefully accepted by WestSide Baby. Drop-off sites on the website:

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  9. This is a good cause... you can drop off at my office in the Junction (4526 California Ave SW) , and we will drive them downtown:
    Kind thanks

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  10. Coats and jackets and fleece, oh my...

    Millionair Club it is - they've been a good cause for a long time, and thanks to Leah for reminding me of them. Just dropped the coats off, and the guys running the place were pretty happy to have them.

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  11. Northwest Center has drop off bins everywhere and has a good cause!

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