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Washington lawmakers considering several animal cruelty bills

  • Started 2 years ago by furryfaces
  • Latest reply from FionaEnzo

  1. furryfaces
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    We need to get all of these passed. Please write to your WA State Senators and Congress people encouraging them to pass

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  2. Stargater
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    Will Do!
    Thanks for letting us know and for all the good you do for animals!!!!

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  3. anonyme
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    I second what Stargater said, and will follow by making the suggested contacts asap.

    In the meantime, I could use some help flagging pet sales on Craig's List. I was shocked yesterday to see how many there were - way more than a year ago. A large percentage of dogs for sale were pit bulls; shelters are already filled with these dogs, most of which will be euthanized.

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  4. Hmmm. Not particularly 'animal cruelty', and we already have pretty strong rules about that.

    HB1229 is funding spay/neuter for low-income people. Which means making people with income pay for it. Spay/neuter gets points for being a good thing, but this is also a welfare program.

    HB1202 gives Animal Control some specific powers and bans animal fighting. Really, what part of this isn't covered by existing law?

    HB1201 prevents sale of animals in public places. You can still sell them privately, or in pet stores, etc. How is this related to welfare of the animals?

    And HB1186 gives immunity to vets who report suspected cases of cruelty. I suppose. On the other hand, they're already pretty well protected if what they say is true: "I treated this dog which came in with the following injuries". And immunity opens the door to libel. Or to bad owners not bringing the animal in because they could be reported.

    Is any of this really about solving a problem, or is it a feel-good measure for pols to say they voted for?

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  5. FionaEnzo
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    Thanks very much for forwardingvthis info. Sorry that the anti-tethering law did not pass last time. Anything you've heard that it might be revived for WA vote?

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