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Viaduct Christmas Decoration

  1. I have my inside and outside decorations up already as I planned on beating the off weather and I won.

    As if I wasn't having a good enough day today and a drive with no traffic on my way to work, as I got to the top of the viaduct where the section they cut off is, I noticed that the workers (or city?) has placed an artificial Christmas tree there on top of a painted (as a gift box) wooden box.

    This made me smile and it made me realize how artsy and humorous our city is!

    Anyone have any comments on this?

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    Might have something to do with the topping off custom.

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  3. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, Danny. What you saw was actually a holiday tree, not a Christmas tree.

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  4. Uhm, it was a Christmas tree. Don't start.

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  5. At first I was all "Viaduct? What's this viaduct this guy is talking about?" Then I was like "Christmas? What's this 'Christmas' I hear they used to have?" Then finally I totally went "Playoffs? who's talking about the playoffs?"

    But in the end I just looked up from my desk, out the window, and realized "Hey, whaddya know, Danny's right. And I can see that tree from right here where I am sitting."

    Good lookin' out, DannyQ.

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  6. I saw that while headed northbound the other night and wished there was some way to get a photo - probably is from the surface, but NOT while driving, or even while riding shotgun. I forgot that I meant to follow up ... SO cute. Made me smile too.

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  7. Ill try to get a pic from work tomorrow.

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  8. yeah saw that today it was cute, hopefully no one will be offended.

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  9. It's a "Christmas tree" in our home!!!

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  10. anonyme
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    As an old pagan ritual, it's just fine by me. The fact that no living trees were harmed - even better...:)

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  11. Come Christmas Morn there will be some brightly wrapped packages under that tree – one for each of my special friends here on the Blog.

    Imagine the delight on their little faces as they shimmy up the pile-ons, surmount the ledge and run gleefully over to the . . .


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  13. redblack
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    i hate to burst everyone's bubble, but that tree might not be (merely) a decoration.

    construction crews put trees at the highest elevations of projects at milestones, or if no one is injured during construction.

    In building construction, topping out (sometimes incorrectly referred to as topping off) is a ceremony held when the last beam is placed at the top of a building. The term may also refer to the overall completion of the building's structure, or an intermediate point, such as when the roof is dried in.[1] A topping out ceremony is usually held to commemorate the event.

    While common in the United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland, the origins of the ceremony are obscure. Its practice has long been an important component of timber frame building.[2] This tradition migrated to America with European craftspeople. A tree or leafy branch is placed on the topmost beam, often with flags and streamers tied to it.

    during the construction boom between the late 1990's and mid-2000's, evergreens adorned a lot of new high-rises in seattle.

    if you read the link above, this might have been a practice carried over from old-world europe.

    my first thought when i saw that tree on the viaduct was that no one had been injured on the job.

    then again, it really could be some festive construction workers.

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  14. in the best of worlds
    it is both

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  15. I have sent out an inquiry but so far, no reply from WSDOT - my contact might well have been out for an early holiday. Someone sent me a photo of it today and it appears to have a package under it ...

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