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Updated Photo of Kismet (the dog that was rescued off of I-5)

  1. furryfaces
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    Thanks again to everyone that helped with Kismet's Vet bills.

    As promised, here is an update photo of his new foster home (which we hope will be a 'failed' foster ;0)

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  2. Thanks, F3!


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  3. luckymom30
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    Thanks FurryFaces for the updated photo of Kismet. His story and the other stories of animals in need remind is all our four legged friend need a helping hand, regardless if you know them or not. So very glad Kismet has found a loving home. he is just adorable, look at those floppy ears! @FurryFaces - Any idea how old Kismet is, he looks like a pup in the picture.

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  4. At one point I thought Kismet had morphed into a Chihuahua, and then I noticed that there are actually pictures of several different dogs there. Most of the shots are Kismet, though.

    He's really coming along nicely. His personality is starting to come out now, along with his fur.

    Lessee, looks like a trace of German Shepherd in there. A little Chow or Shar-pei maybe.

    In one of the early shots he looks like an outsized Border Terrier. (Think "Benji.")

    BT's are butt-ugly dogs in my opinion. But of course, some people love 'em. And they do have engaging personalities.

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  5. funkietoo
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    ...excellent observations DBP. Kismet truly is a 'designer dog', a.k.a., one-of-a-kind!

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  6. He is just so cute on the video... and healing nicely and looking happy. Thank you for keeping us in the loop on Kismet... it made my day!

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