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Turkey Trot in West Seattle?

  1. My family tradition back in Illinois was to go to the annual Turkey Trot run/walk in the morning before all the Thanksgiving festivities. We'd have some hot cocoa and talk with a bunch of other people, take a nice brisk walk, get our race ribbon, and stick around to see if we won any prizes. The most amazing thing is that it was all free!
    I've been trying to find something similar in Seattle and the only thing I saw on Thanksgiving day is in Ballard for $30 a person! Does anyone know of any other similar events that aren't so expensive?
    I'm also wondering why we don't have one in WS at Alki beach or Lincoln Park. Is there a local running club that can set something like this up and get some local sponsors to help out? It would be a lot of fun and a great way to get people in our community outside and active before spending the rest of the day stuffing ourselves. Just a thought.

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  2. Probably THE most authoritative source for info on running events - if it's happening, they know about it, even if not in WS - would be West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor).

    Re: why there's not one in West Seattle for Thanksgiving - there are SO many other 5Ks throughout the year on Alki and Lincoln Park (a couple new ones just last month) I suspect folks might be a little burned out, and the weather is so unreliable, anyway.

    There are some local exercise studios that have benefit classes Thanksgiving morning - I know 8 Limbs Yoga, for one. Otherwise, hey, just put out a call for a group of people to meet you and run! It's definitely the "if you want to see it happen, MAKE it happen" type of thing. We'd spread the word :) - TR

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  3. I organize a Turkey Trot in my neighborhood - we meet up in the morning and go for a walk together - dogs, kids, family, etc..its a slow pace. Last year we walked the track at Hiawatha (in the rain) and then warmed up at Freshy's. We also donate money to a local charity in honor of the day.
    I would encourage you to organize one with your neighbors! if not, you are welcome to join us.

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  4. Not a Turkey Trot but the West Seattle YMCA has a free workout for the community. West Seattle YMCA (36th & Snoqualmie) at 8am and Fauntleroy YMCA (California & Barton above the ferry dock) at 8:30am.

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  5. TreyseaLin
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    Lisa, I'm assuming you live in N. Admiral? We do too, and may enjoy joining your meet up. How can we get involved?

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  6. Sure, you can reach me at lmulleratarcher-associatesdotcom

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