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Trump sets the tone

  1. This election is a sham says Trump

    poor guy really thought they had purchased this election

    sad thing is that it came way too close to happening for my comfort.

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  2. Oddly quiet at the Romney Campaign Headquarters..


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  3. I am told Romney is conceding as I type ;->

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  5. Bad Ass picture !

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  6. celeste17
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    Why? Why must the news orginizations even give Trump his 30 seconds of airtime over stupid stuff like this? The man just wants to hear himself speak and be seen. Don't give him the air time and he will go away! At least this is how I feel.

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  7. With all that money, one would think he could get his issues of delusion addressed...

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  8. waynster
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    yea Carl Rove was just as funny on foxnews when the network called Ohio in favor of The president..... lmoa

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  9. kootchman
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    Ya missed ... are you THAT comfortable with the margin? So far a 1.6 per cent margin? Not a glaring mandate. A tread carefully win.

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  10. You beg for mercy on a thread where one of your heroes dismissed the election as a sham because he was on the losing side?

    Naw, kootch, we need to get your necks under our jackboots and stomp!

    A wins a win.

    Please note, the ballots are being counted -- this time.

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  11. kootch..

    i am not that comfortable with the margin.
    We have a long way to go when only 55% of women voted in their best interests.. for Obama.

    Perhaps education will be easier once it can't be as easily written off as partisan election scare tactics. I certainly hope so.

    After seeing how easily a very small group of privileged people nearly eroded the safeguards of our constitution..
    i am convinced that basking in this victory is simply wasting precious time.

    but i am really comfortable with the message sent to the most blatantly sexist Republican contenders on election night. They all went down in massive flames.

    I have been listening to the politi-speak...
    and am amazed to learn that republicans think the problem was with their political misstatements and not with the content of those statements.

    Content.. like context.. matters kootch.

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  12. 365Stairs
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    You can email Donald Trump and let him know what you think:

    It must be a real email didn't bounce back to me...

    You can tweet him too...

    It was just venting for will never get answered or follow up on...

    Once a blow hard...

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  13. 365stairs..

    i didn't think of that
    perhaps it's because what Donald Trump thinks or says has long been irrelevant to me

    i sort of feel sorry for him
    it must be difficult to maintain that kind of self delusion on so little basis ;->

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  14. Does Donald have a TeeVee show up for renewal?

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