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The Window Cleaners LLC- Hiring

  • Started 2 years ago by thewindowcleaner
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  1. We are in need of someone who wants to learn new skills and doesn't mind a hard day's work! The position would include window cleaning, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning. The position would be part time in the winter and spring and full time starting around May. We prefer a history of manual labor and at least a couple years of higher education (college, trades, military). People skills and personal confidence are a must, as well as a clean driving record. The job requires lifting upwards of 80 pounds and physical agility. We prefer to train from scratch, but if you have prior experience we will consider you as well.

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  2. Gdmcgrewkeller
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    I am a High Schooler with some job experience and I am interested in working for you part-time. Please email me at if you are interested

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  3. Gidget1975
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    Hi, I am an athletic physical worker, formerly at a local nursery where customer service, encyclopedic plant and product knowledge was a must. On a daily basis, while at the nursery, I was required to lift and carry in excess of 50 pounds and often more over uneven terrain. I was a manager when I left the seasonal position.
    Please contact me at for further information about my job experience and abilities. Thank you for your consideration.

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  4. Thanks for everyone who wrote in and posted. We've filled this position for the time being. Check back in the spring for more opportunities!

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