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The lake in the Junction parking lot

  • Started 2 years ago by editrixie
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  1. editrixie
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    I was wondering if anyone knew if the lot owner of the Junction parking lot (the one behind Matador/Jax/Fleurt/8 Limbs Yoga) is being dealt with? It keeps growing and growing, and it doesn't seem like Diamond is remotely concerned about it. I saw some guys poking around in there the other day as if they were looking for a grate, but I think it's a more serious problem. I've been parking there a long time but I've never seen it ponded like that.

    The other day I was going to training and there was a waterfall coming off the parking lot, down onto the planter ledge there. It was washing all the soil out of the rockery, and all I could think was that the trees there are probably not going to stay up very well in the future.

    It's kind of ridiculous.

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  2. Haven't seen that - we were in that lot a couple times recently, in the rain, but maybe we weren't looking in the right place. Diamond's only responsibility is to enforce parking restrictions. I haven't seen it but you could check with the Junction Association (which has responsibility for that lot) and/or the business you are dealing with (because certainly if it's affecting their clients, they would want to find out what's being done) ... TR

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  3. I know it as Lake Maharaja.

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  4. editrixie
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    Lake Maharaja -- that's great! TR -- it's on the south side of the lot, on the part next to the stairs. It's HUGE -- but I've mentioned it many times, and no one seems interested. I saw some women talking about it and saying they were going to talk to someone, but nothing's been done for a while now. I have a feeling it's everyone thinking it's someone else's responsibility. It takes up about four or five parking spaces at this point.

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  5. celeste17
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    and what about the lake that forms behind Husky's? I love our free parking and I am glad we have it but sometimes it doesn't seem to be very well maintained.

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