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Tennis in W. Seattle

  • Started 1 year ago by W-Seattlefun
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  1. W-Seattlefun
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    Anyone else think there's a need for some indoor courts in W. Seattle? Public? Private? Semi-private? So many new apartments/condos, so much new, young families here. Wouldn't it be fun to have a tennis/swim/social club right here?

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  2. used to be an indoor court on West Marginal a little past Nickelsville. Went out of business quite some time ago..have never heard of anyone else interested to do it again.

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  3. TOTALLY agree -- going to Amy Yee Center is fine, but I think West Seattle would be served well with a facility like this. I remember the place Jan is referring to but was too young to use it.

    It would be nice to have more indoor recreation especially for kidlets in the wintertime. Smallish skate park, place to ride bikes? We often take our kids to a local, covered parking garage in the late evening when it's hardly in use. I know, not the best idea but they NEED fresh air (debatable in a parking structure) and exercise!

    Anyone want to invest in a project?

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  4. hooper1961
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    W-Seattlefun the economics of an indoor tennis court are very challenging.

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  5. Genesee Hill
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    Genesee Hill

    Tennis courts are soooo eastside of Lake Washington. As are bridle trails...

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  6. anotherwsmom
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    We are visiting family in Toronto and drove past the tennis courts downtown the other day. They use the gigantic tents in winter. By gigantic I mean one tent would fit over all of the courts on Fauntleroy across from Lincoln Park. I would really love the use of courts in winter.

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