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Telephone pole pulled and left on planting strip.

  • Started 2 years ago by Blah!
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  1. A few months ago, the city came and pulled the unused telephone pole in front of my house. There it has laid since.

    Any idea who to call to come pick it up? Can I cut it up and keep it?

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  2. Caber-tossing party at velo's house!

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  3. About 2 years ago an old, rotting pole that was standing out front of our place was replaced by a new one (after it sat on our lawn for 5 weeks), the old one was left on the lawn for almost a month before some guy in a pick-up with a chain-saw came by, cut it into sections which he tossed into his truck. (POV, not a work vehicle)

    I had to clean up the saw dust.

    As to if you can cut it up and keep it, I've no clue. But if you do I'd be interested to hear if you catch any flack about it.

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  4. Most of these old poles are chemicaly treated, perhaps with creosote so I would caution any use of them. I haven't done the research but I would contact Seattle City Light about it.

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  5. Genesee Hill
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    Genesee Hill

    For goodness sake, call City Light and find out what the deal is.

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  6. And if it's on the planting strip, which is city SDOT right-of-way even though you're supposed to maintain it, call 206-684-ROAD ...

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  7. Thanks for the direction on that... Didn't know who would be responsible.

    Genesse Hill, know what you speak of before you type. Otherwise you just look like an ass. "For goodness sake..."

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  8. WSratsinacage
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