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Surveillance Cameras for Residence

  1. Anyone knowledgeable about what to look for, where to purchase and how to install cameras on a residence? In particular the kind that records constantly and you can review the recordings when there is a burlary or car theft around your property to see the time, date and photos.

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  2. Fry's Electronics sell DIY sets complete with cameras and DVR. There is also 25/7 Security super store down by Southcenter.

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  3. DIY camera are NOT easy. It took my friend 8 hours to install my 3 cameras, it had to do with the wiring and where they were put. Yes I have an old home, but unless the person knows what he/she is doing.

    I would hire some one. That can be tough too. The ones I looked at, were around the 300.00 mark. You link it up to your computer and you can screen it in 15 minute increments. I think there are some that can go to your phone. I am NOT tech savy. I just wanted the basics.

    Also my do have night vision, not perfect but it is something.

    It is definitely worth it, especially when 2 cops tell you not to bother with alarm companies. So what are you going to do?


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  4. I saw a really decent set at the Tukwila Costco around Christmas time, I think they were in the neighborhood of $279.99 -- my husband and I are looking into some, neighbors just got a set.

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  5. Thanks for the information. If anyone knows of an expert or someone knowledgeable about purchasing and installing these types of camera and would be interested in leading a discussion on this topic please contact me at:

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    I have four dropcams and highly recommend them:
    So easy that even I could set them up. Bought them on when they had a special for $99.00 apiece. You can set up alerts to your phone, email or both. Amazon reviews here:

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    Check out this company: They specialize in verified security and the police are catching the intruders. They have already arrested 11 people commiting burglaries this year. The pricing is comprable to ADT and all of those other systems, but this one actually works!

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