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Sunday Hit and Run- Please Help

  1. About an hour ago my car was hit in front of my house, completely smashing in the front passenger side. I arrived home to see the police on scene, with my neighbors filing a report for me (thank you!).
    This is what we know: the offending vehicle is a silver or white Toyota four-door pickup truck. It has extensive damage to ITS front passenger side, including dangling lights. It turned around in front of my house and headed west on Dawson Street, turning south onto Erskine.
    The impact was great and the sound loud: thankfully no one was
    hurt. However, it was a special car and a very sad way for my daughter and me to end our Thanksgiving vacation. If anyone can offer any information, please email me at or call the Seattle Police Southwest Precinct and reference Incident # 11-382940. Officer J. Cole was the responding officer.
    Thank you so, so much, and be careful out there.

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  2. Also, the pickup truck will probably have bright yellow paint on it from my car.

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  3. What neighborhood or street?

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  4. I'm guessing south of the junction, west of Calif. Ave.near where Dawson runs into Erskine Way?So, behind Rite Aid somewwhere?

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  5. That's right, Jan- 4400 block of SW Dawson Street.

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  6. My truck was also involved in a hit and run in front of Loretta's Northwestener, but I saw it,
    chased him down in my vehicle until he went over the curb and came to a stop, his car smoking from his front panel cutting into his tire.
    I kept him there till the police and fire showed up.

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  7. jwws..does it really matter?... it was and always be a hit and blaming the victim here..

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  8. Comment flagged, sort of - I posted this link to Facebook and the commenters THERE called attention to it. Has been deleted. If you're the victim of a crime, you're the victim of a crime, period, regardless of what you were doing at the time. People come here for help, not for criticism. Lots of OTHER websites where people unfortunately are wide open to that - TR

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  9. jwws: Good question, and yes, I was parked on the left hand side of the road. I tried to find a specific prohibition against this on the City of Seattle websites and couldn't find one in the basic consumer info., but maybe it is in the book somewhere. Ours is one of those residential streets where people park on both sides in both directions, take turns, etc.- not things you would even attempt to do on California Avenue, of course, but it generally works fine if people pay attention, and so far we've never been ticketed. I was not cited for improper parking. Sadly, the street has become a sort of impromptu arterial and people drive WAY too fast. I'm not sure why the back of the vehicle would be more visible than the front, but the car is bright yellow and was struck hard enough to knock it six feet down the street, so I'm pretty sure there was an element of driver error here.

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  10. LKT, because of the way the time stamps work, I'm not able to tell from your post -- did this happen after dark?

    I absolutely am not criticizing the way you parked, just going to throw this out there as a possible explanation for the accident (and to be ultra-clear, this in NO WAY excuses the jerk who hit and ran.) The other day I was coming home in the evening, it had just gotten darkish, and was raining, and I very nearly hit my neighbor's car head-on because the front of the car has no reflectors and he was parked on the left, or backwards. I was able to avoid hitting the car, but it really only became visible at about 10 feet away. I was just lucky I was driving fairly slowly.

    So, maybe they didn't see your car until it was too late. But that's certainly no excuse for not stopping.

    I'm sorry this happened to you and I'll keep my eye out for a silver or white Toyota with front end damage and yellow paint.

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  11. @ Aim: point well taken. Despite whatever laws are on the books, personal responsibility is key. We need to re-assess our patterns and adjust our behavior to the circumstances, especially as the seasons change. Laws cannot protect us from human error, but extreme caution is a good start.

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  12. Seattle Municipal Code 11.72.470 Wrong side parking.

    No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle on that portion of any street or alley lawfully set aside for the parking of vehicles or movement of traffic in the direction opposite to that which the parked vehicle faces.

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  13. Thanks for that clarification, fc43. I'm so glad it wasn't a toddler or my Dad, but just my car.

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  14. Oh, come on - someone driving attentively and responsibly would not have hit the car, much less hit-and-run, regardless of whether it was parked on the wrong side.
    LKT, I hope someone responds to your request for help in identifying the criminal.

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  15. So do I. I lost my other car to an uninsured, inattentive driver last year when I was waiting for help on the viaduct with a motorist who had crashed in front of me. I was hit from behind that time, and the guy didn't even slow down. I can't really afford this pattern!

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  16. LKT: Do you have any other details on the truck? For instance, did it have a tool box on it? Or a canopy? Do you know if it was a full-size "double cab" Toyota (which means all 4 doors are the same size) or just an "extended cab" (so rears doors are 1/2 or 3/4 size of the front doors). Think you're probably talking about a Tundra.

    Will keep my eyes out, I drive Erskine daily.

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  17. The Velvet Bulldog
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    LKT: One very time-intensive option is calling around to local import auto repair shops. When I got hit by a hit-and-run driver in a Range Rover a couple of years ago, I called repair shops and he was buying replacement parts for his car at the British Auto repair shop on Avalon.

    We've just moved to a new house in the Westwood area which is on a road accessible by a smallish street and a main street. Most people access the road via the main street and then park facing the "wrong" direction. I noticed this today after reading this post. Guess they're not being ticketed, because pretty much everyone living on this road is doing it.

    Best of luck to you. Hit and run drivers are dirt.

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  18. Thanks to an alert WS Blogger I had a major break in the case today! It is out of my hands at the moment, but we're on the right track. Thank you to everybody for your kind support, and I'll keep you posted as to the outcome.

    It's pretty wonderful to live in a community with a resource like the WSB and the people who use it to help each other. I hope I can do the same for someone else.

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