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simple display shelves and lattice board

  1. hello

    last minute request. I am participating at the crafts show at West Side Unitarian Church and am short of things to display from - I am not even sure what I what. I would love a piece of lattice board to hang a few things from. Maybe some kind of a stepped shelf so I could display things are different levels.
    If any one has anything like this or suggestions I would appreciate it. I need to pick up tonight and would be glad to return.

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  2. Hi wren, isn't this at the corner of California and Othello? I happen to have some black grid wall panels that are in my studio at The Building right next door. They are very tall, 8 feet by 2 feet, but look nice for hanging things. If you think something like this will work for you, let me know. We can just meet there tonight or in the morning and walk them over to get you set up for the day.

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  3. Oh, if the grid wall panels are too big, I also have a smaller pegboard (I think it's 2' x 3') that stands on a tabletop.

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  4. Hi AML

    I just got home. You might be coming to my rescue. I think Westside is at Othello. It's on the corner with a large parking lot behind it.

    How big are the grid panels,do you have the hangie thingies as well? will probably only need one.

    The peg board might even be enough, must won't know until I get there and start setting up. My first time at this venue and I haven't put up a show in awhile.

    Could we meet in the parking lot at 9:00 or a few minutes before. I am hoping a friend will be there to help me set up in the morning, but I may be on my own

    Could you email directly at and give me your phone number.

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  5. hi wren, the grid panels are 8 feet tall and 2 feet wide. I have 6 but you need to use at least 2 at a time to support each other to stand (I don't have separate "feet" for them).

    I use "s" hooks for hanging and you are welcome to borrow those too.

    I will send an email to you.

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