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Shooting Star!

  1. Did anyone see the HUGE shooting star this morning at approx 6:20am, heading east?

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  2. I saw it Kimila! I was driving on Admiral right towards the viewpoint and there it was. It was AMAZING. I've been feeling magical all day imagining the places that rock may have been!

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  3. I also saw it while doing the pre-trip on my school bus, it was in the wsw sky and it's long tail continued to glow for a few seconds after it flamed out.

    Our lucky day huh?!

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  4. waterworld
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    I wish I had seen it! It's been a long time since I've had a good meteor sighting in the city.

    One or more of you might want to consider reporting the sighting to the American Meteor Society, an organization or amateur and professional scientists that collects information on meteor sightings, compiles it, and shares it with astronomers all over the world. If AMS gets enough reports on a bright meteor, they can calculate all kinds of things, such as where it entered the atmosphere, its trajectory, and whether it was part of a known annual meteor shower or something totally random. It's easy to do the online report (even if you didn't have your compass and sextant in hand) and anyone can submit a report -- the more reports, the greater the likelihood that the data will end up being useful.

    Plus, it's just totally cool to report a fireball.

    I compared what's been noted here with the AMS log, and it appears that the meteor all of you saw has already been reported to AMS by people in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia. (To see the log and map, go the second link below.) Additional reports could really help them analyze the object's origin and path.

    Here's a link to the AMS fireball page, which has a bunch of information and a link to the online reporting form.

    Here's a link to the 2013 fireball log. I think the meteor you all saw this morning is Event 63 on the list:

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  5. Thank you for all the feedback. I will be logging my fireball sighting for sure! Thanks for the info waterworld.

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