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Sea-level rise predicted to affect WS siginificantly

  1. Have folks seen this? If predictions are accurate, West Seattle's will be getting some new waterfront property by 2050.

    It's also going to be losing some . . .

    Link to Seattle Times article:

    Parts of Interbay, Georgetown, South Park, West Seattle, Harbor Island and Golden Gardens will be under water as the local shoreline creeps higher due to global climate change, Seattle Public Utilities predicts.

    A recent map is just one of many such reckonings in the works as city agencies calculate the local effects of global climate change and how to respond and adapt to protect people and infrastructure.

    Link to full-size map of sea-level rise:

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    I blame the guys in charge 15,000 years ago. Big time.

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  3. There was a bit of conversation on this a few days ago:

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  4. At that rate I will be sitting on a goldmine propertywise in about 10,000 years.

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  5. anonyme
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    I'll be dead.

    In the meantime, most people are still behaving as if this reality...isn't. I'm reminded of this fact every morning as I pass numerous empty vehicles with engines chugging away for 15-20 minutes so that people can run from their 75 degree heated houses straight to a sauna-like car.

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  6. Smitty, have you noticed that no one is denying the sea level rises and falls over aeons?

    Perhaps you've noticed that there are more carbon-farting people on Earth now than there were 15,000 years ago. Several millions times more.

    There is now a large body of scientific evidence for the following theses:

    1) The rate of climate change is accelerating over naturally occurring cycles of the past

    2) Human activity is responsible for that

    Of course, even if the "man-made climate change" thing turns out to be nothing but a figment of Al Gore's imagination, it doesn't mean we're not screwed. It just means that right-wingers will get the last laff after all.

    Har har har


    The Future: Ready or not, here I come

    (That's me on the left. In The Future, I'm a big 2nd Amendment guy.)

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  7. I'm also quite a bit more virile. But that's what happens.

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  8. I take that back.

    I blame charts that start in 1900 (and the Vikings, of course - mean bunch those vikings).

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  9. Smitty:
    50% of my genome is Viking, and since the other half is mutt, I suspect I am more Viking than not. I am offended that you suspect Vikings for causing global cooling. We were many things (invaders, pillagers, pirates before it was cool to be one...literally) but climate changers we are not.
    Look what it has done to our brand--Vikings are blamed for a lot, but much of it wasn't our fault. As they say, success has many fathers, but the Middle Ages and the Little Ice age have none. We are victims too (haters going tp hate as they say in this millennium).

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  10. JayDee,

    My apologies, I meant the MINNESOTA Vikings!

    Carry on.

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  11. waynster
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    Wait DB if that's you on the left then who is on your right and do we dare say that the alki statue of liberty is going to be buried under the sands of time.....lmao

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  12. anonyme
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    To deny either the existence or serious effects of man-made climate change is to admit that your particular ape family stopped evolving 15,000 or so years ago.

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  13. Girl on the right (#6) is my personal assistant. She can't type, but she can't speak either.

    Which is why I hired her.


      Gosh darn you! Gosh darn you to heck! 

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  14. Back in the day I used to dream about her and Raquel Welch mud wrestling for my affection.

    Winner got Farrah.

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  15. Smitty, I've always assumed you were in clover, but when I saw this help wanted ad in the Times I naturally thought of you . . .

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  16. "Experience as illegal growers or sellers would not disqualify them, "

    I'm in!

    But truth be told, I never inhaled.

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  17. "To deny either the existence or serious effects of man-made climate change is to admit that your particular ape family stopped evolving 15,000 or so years ago."

    Are you kidding me? Did you *SEE* what those jerks did to all those glaciers that carved Puget Sound?

    That would take A LOT of evolving!

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