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"Romney is President" ?

  1. Jeebus, Woman! You had me scared there!

    I saw the thread title, next to your name, and wondered WTF kind of meds they're feedin' ya at the Mount! ;-)


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  2. lol...Mike...we actually had wine with dinner the other evening... :)

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  3. all i can say is that they can take their red states and ce-cede if they want to..
    it wouldn't work out so well for them...
    but it would do wonders for the deficit for the rest of us ;->

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  4. kinda boggles the mind when you think about trade agreements, and those other things with getting goods and services to your separate state if one secedes...I just love how people think things through before they knee jerk :D

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  5. >>that they can take their red states and ce-cede if they want to.

    –Too late. It's already happened.

    Maybe this is something new, a new Confederacy. Or maybe it's just that the Old Confederacy never really went away. It just went underground, into the Collective Subconscious.

    Here's how it works:

    Conservatives living in places like Seattle don't feel comfortable. They feel like everyone hates them for being who they are. So they seek out their own and start circling the wagons.

    Eventually they head out for the suburbs, where they throw up megachurches and elect town councils that are more sympathetic to their values.

    Or maybe they move on back to Kansas, where they proceed to rewrite the biology textbooks.

    And close down the abortion clinics.

    And suck off all your manufacturing jobs.

    And elect senators who can pretty much block everything liberals try to do.


    Are you happy?

    Are you happy now, honey?

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  6. DBP..

    i would be happy if they would take their collective snouts out of my pork barrel...

    i warn you
    i do know what to do with that hammer thingie

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