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  • Started 5 years ago by simianarmy
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  1. simianarmy
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    I have no idea where I'm supposed to post the "I wuz robbed" description so common on this site...but I was robbed.
    My house on 47** 48th Ave SW was broken into during the day & a few items of varying value were stolen. Moved here just over 2 years ago, so I guess I really feel like a part of the neighborhood now that I have joined the countless victims of home robberies. Hurrah West Seattle!

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  2. simianarmy, sorry this happened to you.

    Did you notify the Police and fill out a report?

    Edit: Deleted incorrect contact info.


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  3. simianarmy...

    i am so sorry you were robbed.
    but when the economy drops
    crime rises
    west seattle isn't unique :(

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  4. Hi.

    Sorry to hear about the burglary.

    We don't publish exact addresses so after being flagged to this post, I edited yours to take out two digits.

    The e-mail/call link for how to send in a Crime Watch report is at the top of the Crime Watch page

    same as our other contact.

    Miws, we don't own - that's a TV station in Atlanta :) - we're at

    I have a Crime Watch roundup at some point today so we will link this report.

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  5. Sorry TR!

    Can't believe I did that! I know it's supposed to be "" as opposed to "", (didn't even know where that one led too.)

    Too early in the morning when I originally posted, I guess! ;-)

    I edited out the incorrect addy.


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  6. simianarmy
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    Thanks you for the responses & helpful links. I did call & met with an officer who was helpful. I am worried about what to do when I leave my house for longer than an hour because I have always been careful about locking doors & windows, and have a fairly protective dog that they would have had to pass...
    I guess it's the alarm & monitoring cameras for now.

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  7. Not far from my home, which was also recently burgled during the day by someone not too afraid of what some would consider to be a scary-looking dog.

    We had an eye-witness with a description of the perpetrator, but the police haven't even bothered to follow up with her. It's been frustrating. Sorry to hear about your incident. Would not be surprised if it's the same person. You didn't happen to have landscapers tending your yard earlier in the day, did you?

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  8. Simianarmy, If you're going to get a new security system, check out Freedom Systems, Inc. They're a WSB sponsor, and Jimmy and Keith are awesome. Find them here: and tell them I sent you.

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  9. simianarmy
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    Odroku, Wow I hope they do follow up - that seems pretty key to actually getting something done. They told me to call if I talked to someone who had seen anything too...It would be a shame to let an actual lead go like that considering how hard it seems to be to catch these scumbags.
    This happened to me on

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  10. It was on a Tuesday a couple weeks back. They told us to call; we did. Unfortunately, it seems like you give your news to a receptionist and if it gets beyond that, you never find out.

    It is frustrating because the description was decent. I'm not sure how many six-foot-plus, middle-aged, decently dressed black dudes are running around with stolen loot in West Seattle, but it'd be worth at least taking note and keeping an eye out, but, to date, the police have not followed-up with the witness three or four weeks later now.

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  11. And bald. Forgot the bald!

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  12. simianarmy
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    Thanks I'll definitely keep an eye out.

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  13. simianarmy
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    Hey Oddoku - saw a man matching that description - sitting on bench @ the Junction bus terminal, bald head, with what looked like a large black backpack next to him. He was looking down but he looked about 6 foot & middle-aged - I rode my bike past him on the way home @ about 7:30pm today....

    Any idea about what to do next?

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  14. Aim thanks for the plug.

    Sorry to hear about the break in. I actually live on 47th ave sw. as well, so this hits close to home. I do work for Freedom Systems which is a WSB sponsor and we've helped many in the area with their security needs. Please reach out if you have any questions regarding alarm systems or video surveillance. I would highly recommend it. It doesn't cost much to protect your home these days. | 206-229-8075

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  15. Simianarmy: Could you also email me and let me know which block on 47th was targeted? I'd like to be aware of this since I also live on 47th. Were any other homes broken into? Thanks.

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  16. I actually have no idea what to recommend. Like I said, the police have yet to show much interest in following-up with the witness, so I doubt they're going to have much interest.

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