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Rave: Wes Busch with Hearthstone Interiors - bathroom remodel

  1. Wes Busch, owener of Hearthstone Interiors just completed my bathroom remodel.

    I love my new bathroom. Wes was really easy to work with, flexible to my (changing) ideas. He and his work team completed my remodel in a timely manner, it was a good value, and I would recommend.

    Dorothy in South Park

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  2. curious as to if you gutted it and a ballpark as to what it cost?

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  3. maplesyrup
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    or someplace I can see pics of his work?

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  4. These posts are my favorite. Anyone else like new threads like this?

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  5. realvalueremodeler
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    I'm so happy that you are satisfied with my remodel of your bathroom, DandJ.

    Hey Maple Syrup,

    I have several pics of past projects that I'd be glad to share with you. If you would email me with the kind of projects you'd like to see, I'll send you the pics., (206) 257-0172

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  6. I recently saw a bathroom remodel that wes did and it was stunning!!!

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  7. Hi clark5080,
    It wasn't a full gut; all finishes were replaced, but the layout/plumbing not changed. We did new flooring, tub, tile, shower doors, vanity, linen cabinet, fixtures, paint. I think the only thing that didn't get replaces was the toilet since it was new. There was also a lot of drywall repair & retexturing.
    I would say the cost was comparable to the other contractors I took bids from, however, the biggest savings was me being able to buy most of my own finishes/materials on my own time. This allowed me to get really good deals and Wes brought it all together.

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  8. Wes did a remodel of my bath, also, and I was so impressed by his recommendations and the final product.

    Definitely recommend Wes.

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  9. LAintheJunction
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    Wes is great - he's done several projects for us recently and we're considering making the list even longer since he's done such a great job. Quality work and a reasonable price, with a great attitude to boot.

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  10. Don't use flat paint, I't grows mold really easy. I used to own a painting busines. We always used semi gloss or gloss paint for the bathrooms. I saw some one else recomend Behr paints from Home dept, My advice is not to use it. I found it required a lot of extra prep and even mutiple coats to get good coverage. I like the look of the bathroom walls and ceiling the same color.
    Kitchen showroom London

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