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RAVE La Rustica - Caprese

  1. We don't go to La Rustica as much as we did a decade ago. The reason is a combination of austerity and greater choices of restaurants in WS.

    So, a few weeks ago, we decided to go after a more than two year hiatus.

    I couldn't resist the lamb shank, a dish that I find a disapointment anywhere else.

    But, we decided to split a Caprese and it was a very good decision.

    An Italian classic, La Rusica makes the best Caprese salad I've ever eaten. We now order it for take out when we have pizza.

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  2. I love La Rustica and, like you, don't go there as often as I used to. What is it about the Caprese that you like? What makes it different from others?

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  3. Dang now I'm hungry.
    I love that place
    gotta go there soon

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  4. we recently tried the winter caprese at Pizzaria 22.
    the tomato is roasted before being chilled and added to the salad.
    not being a huge fan of roasted tomatoes i thought i wouldn't like it
    i was wrong.
    roasting takes the hot house out of hot house tomatoes:)

    so you see..
    put a caprese on the menu.. any caprese..
    and i will try it.

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  5. What makes the Caprese at La Rustica my favorite?

    They use monzerella di bufala, made from the milk of domestic water buffalo. It is creamy, with a slighty tart taste. The times I have had the caprese, the tomato was cut in wedges and presented as a flower, with generous cheese slices between the wedges and chopped basil over the blossom.

    This sits atop a bed of greens with a basil pesto drizzled over it. In addition, a garnish of freshly ground black pepper, black olives, olive oil, with a small side of marinated artichoke hearts with capers and crushed red pepper.

    It really is good.

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  6. that does sound good
    i don't think i will ever tire of the many caprese presentations

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