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Random SBRE Sighting

  1. 2 Much Whine
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    2 Much Whine

    Yesterday I got off the plane after a many hour journey from Italy. Drove straight to West Seattle because I love it. I was trying to FedEx some stuff to the Italian Embassy at Alki Mail and Dispatch. You, Mr. SBRE, approached me and asked if I was 2 Much Whine. I know who you are and that we're neighbors. I was confused by the way you pronounced your name on the blog. In my head your "name" is pronounced sabre without the "a" and not like Seabreeze without the "z." Threw me for a loop. Sorry about that. I would have been far more congenial if I were not so disoriented by our exchange. . . . have a great day!

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  2. Heh, I thought you were going to say that you determined who he was because you witnessed him performing all four elements that comprise his screen name! ;-)


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  3. I must have miss-pronounced it, I say (and read) it as see-bree.

    Mike, if 2much thinks about it he will remember that I was in my biking garb.

    Every day after returning home from work I walk the block to Alki Mail to retrieve anything that arrived for me that day.

    Actually 2much figured out what the 's', 'b', 'r' & 'e' stand for quite a while ago, that glass-blower is a pretty sharp cookie. And it was a pleasure to meet him and shake his hand.

    Hope to meet/see some of you other regulars around. I'll eventually meet JOB when Meandors has the meal for us which we earned by donating mulah to their "moving and getting started" fund.

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  5. sbre
    i was thinking the other day that i should set that up soon...
    the guest list is still pretty open..
    so perhaps you and i should meet for coffee or something and come up with our dream guest list :)
    not next week because the pup comes home for the first week of rehab on the knee surgery.. but the week after pretty much works for me..
    email me at joanneatbraydendotorg and we can put details together..

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